Influencer Marketing Trends with Raymond Morin @RaymondMorinV2 #VCBuzz

Influencer Trends with Raymond Morin @RaymondMorinV2 #VCBuzzInfluencer marketing is one of the newest trends in the digital marketing world but it’s already changing and evolving fast! What are the recent trends in influencer marketing? Let’s discuss!

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About Raymond

Raymond Morin is author of the books, “Culture Web à la portée des PME” and “Comment entreprendre le virage 2.0.” Raymond has written for several French magazines over the past 15 years

Raymond is a corporate trainer and is regularly invited to give lectures and training workshops to companies and organizations

Questions we discussed

Q1 We don’t get to talk to many French marketers! How did you become a digital marketer? What’s your career path?

Communication and marketing were always there in my first career, as radio DJ and rock music show promoter during 80s.

I took digital turns with the rise of World Wide Web (and the birth of my two sons) at mid 90s.

Since mid-90’s, I’m working with enterprises as strategist consultant, and giving lectures and training workshops.

In fact, I published three books (in French) since 2000, and the last one will be translate in English for next spring.

My third book was published last year, prefaced by Neal Schaffer.

I can’t tell exactly, because I’m mostly working in Quebec, but the French market (from France) is well connected.

Q2 What are the most exciting influencer marketing trends you’ve been seeing?

The rise of micro – influencers and niche influencers are certainly the most important trends from the last years.

On the other side, the tricked illusion of majority created by the number of followers doesn’t mean more engagement, or best ROI.

You can also read my blog post on MSB : 10 Big Changes in Influencer Marketing You Need to Understand.

Or this one, published yesterday : Are We At The Turning Point of Social Media Influencer Marketing.

Q3 How can a brand benefit from influencer marketing?

With the rise of ad-blockers popularity, influencers appears the most effective channel to reach the connected consumers.

More than 75% of the connected consumers trust first the WOM from friends, and experts recommendations instead of brands.

From the connected consumers, traditional ads are too much intrusive. They want personalized and flawless conversation.

Only by questioning what the consumer needs and wants, and respond to their needs without trying to sell.

Q4 What are you favorite influencer marketing tools?

I’m not a big fan of tools. I always believe that influencer marketing is more a relationship mindset than a tools matter.

You’re perfectly right! In fact, every SM platforms and apps are tools, but I’m not a big fan of measurement tools.

In matter of relationship, I think that the IRM (Influencer Relationship Manager) from @Traackr could be a good tool.

Q5 What are your favorite social media productivity tips?

That’s where tools are effective. By example, for content curation, I use newspapers from, and Buffer for calendar.

As consultant, I try to avoid losing time with mandates that will not respect my own value.

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