How to Use Viral Content Bee to Boost Your Content Performance with @GunterBubbie #vcbuzz

How to Use Viral Content Bee to Boost Your Content Performance with @GunterBubbie #vcbuzz

Viral Content Bee is a powerful social media marketing platform.

Yet, not too many people (even most active users) are aware of all its powerful features.

Obviously, there’s something for everyone at Viral Content Bee, so let’s discuss our favorite features and hidden gems inside the platform

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About @GunterBubbie

Bubbie @GunterBubbie is an independent writer, digital marketer and social media marketing expert with a passion to help others.

Bubbie is author of Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Handbook

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

After being laid off from my construction job, I was watching my savings quickly dwindle. I still remember the email I received about how I could make money working from home as a Network Marketer. And, I decided to give online marketing a try.

I quickly learned it wasn’t as easy as everyone portrayed. There was a MAJOR learning curve and I spent dozens of hours learning how to master online mar

Q2 Why do you like using Viral Content Bee for content promotion?

Most people only use Viral Content Bee to promote their blog content.  I LOVE Viral Content Bee because it is so easy to meet new people who share the same passions as I do.  One example of how to meet new people is the Interaction Tab….

After clicking the Interaction tab, you are brought to the actual post on the profile of the person who shared it. Once you are on their profile, you can begin interacting with the person who shared your content.

Q3 What are some mistakes you notice people make with VCB? Why do you think there are rules in place here?

The biggest mistakes I have seen people make (and that I made in the beginning) was sharing EVERY post simply to get credits so that I could share my own post.

I quickly learned this was a no-no

When you share content from Viral Content Bee, you are sharing it to your friends and followers. Therefore, it MUST conform to THEIR interest. Remember, your following’s interest is the most important aspect you must remember!

What are some mistakes y’all have made?

Q4 What are some “secret” features you were excited to discover?

Get ready for a bomb shell here! One evening I was writing a blog post on Viral Content Bee. And, I had a thought. The name of the site is Viral CONTENT Bee. And, I begin to think about that. The site is for CONTENT promotion. What about Youtube videos & Instagram? They are content too, right?. Why couldn’t I share my Youtube videos or Instagram post as well?

So, as an experiment, I gave it a try and it worked. I received DOZENS of visitors to my Youtube Channel and Instagram Profile!

Q5 Apart from Viral Content Bee, what are your favorite digital marketing tools and/or channels?

The best way to grow engagement, increase followers, and save time I use I found it really helpful in the beginning because I had a Daily Worksheet to follow.

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Viral Content Bee is the free platform for social media sharing helping you get more shares for your high-quality content

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