ViralContentBee Quality Guidelines

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At ViralContentBee we are dedicated to delivering the best possible quality: we want you to never come across spammy low-quality content. You’ll only be offered to share great and engaging articles that have huge viral potential.

All submissions from new members are manually reviewed by moderators. If you ever come across a low-quality articles that has slipped trough for the public sharing, please contact us.

What will NOT be approved to be shared here:

  • Weak-in-content articles (that have no unique style or visual appeal)
  • Articles with incorrect or broken English
  • Ad-stuffed and / or made-for-links articles
  • Articles directly promoting affiliate products (such as affiliate product review posts)
  • Any sales page directly promoting a product or service
  • Content that is overly promotional in nature
  • Press releases
  • A home page of a business website or blog
  • Articles with irrelevant exact match in content links leading to a sales page
  • Articles that are stuffed with the same keywords over and over for SEO purposes
  • Projects with excessive use of hashtags
  • Anything that the VCB staff in their discretion deems to not be “quality”
  • Anything asking users to download something or sign up
  • Most “run of the mill” contests will not be accepted
  • Gambling or adult content
  • Projects that are NOT in English (Sorry! We only speak one language here)
  • Social media links or pages

What will be highly appreciated here:

  • Unique and original articles that catch an eye and engage;
  • Trending and popular topics with your personal perspective (apps, tools, DIY, infographics, etc).
  • Articles or content that is either extremely useful, interesting or entertaining.

Viral content is defined as “becoming very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the Internet“, so before adding a project, please give it a thought: “can it go viral”?

Our platform is NOT designed to help everyone get free social media votes. It’s aimed at generating buzz around GREAT content. 

Please read this list to find some links that did particularly well at VCB: These are good examples of content that we love promoting here!

Quick checklist:

we have put together this quick project submission checklist to go over before you hit that submit button.
1) Ask yourself if this is something you would want to share on your Facebook, Twitter or other social account.
2) Ask yourself if this is something you think your friends would be willing to share on their Facebook accounts. (please be honest with yourself here.)
3) Additionally ask yourself the following questions:
3a. Does my content provide the solution to some kind of problem?
3b. or Is it likely that many people will find my content extremely useful?
3c. Is my article funny or humorous in some way?
3d. Is my content likely to evoke some kind of strong emotional response from others? If not laughing, Will it make you cry or piss you off for example.
4) Does my content include at least one or more eye catching images or videos that give visual appeal to the content?
5) Does my content have a well written unique title that will likely pique one’s interest?
Number 1 and 2 are always a good litmus test. If you can’t honestly answer a yes to these two questions, then something is likely amiss.
You should have answered yes at least once from 3a to 3d
You should almost always answer yes to both 4 and 5.

Please join us weekly at #VCBuzz Twitter chat to get more tips, example and insights. Simply sign-in here each Tuesday 12 pm EDT


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