How to Find REAL Experts to Collaborate with @JoshMcCormack #VCBuzz

How to Find REAL Experts to Collaborate with @JoshMcCormack #VCBuzzNowadays everyone has a voice which in most cases is wonderful. But sometimes we have to deal with the opposite side of the coin:

All those wannabe “experts” who manage to be everywhere without contributing anything of value to the community.

There are other experts who remain in the shade but those are the ones who really know their staff and have worked hard to gain a good deal of experience.

Those are the people you want to feature in your blog interviews and invite to speak at your events if you want to create a really useful and valuable resource

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About Josh

Josh McCormack runs (all you can eat WordPress dev) and promoting real people to speak at your events and more.

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Questions we are going to discuss

Q1 How did come up with the idea of Unlofty? What was your push to start working on the site?

I was tired of seeing people who know a ton overlooked while the same people keep showing up speaking at conferences.

I think all too often people have learned to game the system to get heard, and those with experience are overlooked.

And to be honest, I’ve felt overlooked, too. I’ve been building sites since the mid 90s. I know…quite a bit. It’s not always easy to self promote

Often, people who deserve to be heard, who have amazing things to say, are too busy working and not that self promotional. I want it to be easier to hear them

Q2 How do you find experts to feature on the site?

This year I’ve cut down on who I follow on all social channels a lot. I’m talking cutting 15k+ connections. I’m focusing in like a laser on those I want to listen to. That’s how to find experts.

I’ve been building websites since the mid 90s. Before the major social networks I built social networks for brands. I’ve met a lot of people in that time, and I know many of them have some serious knowledge.

In general, anything that promises to automate and make relationship building easy should be avoided. Be real.

And highlighting experts makes you one, too. Expertise blends. Get close to it, and get some recognition

Q3 What are your outreach techniques? How to ensure that your invite will be accepted by an expert?

The advantage of being a fan of someone who is overlooked is they appreciate the attention. 🙂 When I’ve told people how much I admire them, they appreciate the recognition.

I try to listen to find people who really know their stuff. Get to know them, reply, share, help, get in discussions.

It’s really exciting for me when I make a real connection with an expert who will listen to me and share what they know.

You need to be a good listener, or all you’ll hear is people shouting their own name.

When you really pay attention, you see people who re-share their own posts 4 times a day or more. That’s noise

A great way to show you admire someone, and actually know them, is ask specific questions. They’re an expert on Facebook ads for events? Tell them they are, and ask some questions!

Q4 How do you come up with interesting questions to ask them?

Listen to people and hear their story. Questions come up pretty naturally

Like learning you’re from Ukraine, @seosmarty. I’m curious about how that forms your thoughts on social, what languages you speak, etc

Q5 What are your favorite outreach and connecting tools?

It’s tough finding the right CRM to keep track of people in exactly the way you need to, but it’s something we need to research all the time

A few options:

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