How to Engage Experts from Your Team in Content Creation with @CrystalontheWeb #vcbuzz

How to Engage Experts from Your Team in Content Creation with @CrystalontheWeb #vcbuzz

Any organization has expertise and talents that are never surfaced or reflected in its content marketing strategy.

And yet fresh talent can boost any marketing strategy and make any content better.

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About @CrystalontheWeb

Crystal Carter @CrystalontheWeb is the Head of SEO Communications at Wix.

She is an SEO & Digital Marketing professional with over 15 years experience working with SEO and Marketing clients around the world like Disney, McDonalds, Tomy, and more.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I have been online since the days of dial-up. In college, I saw the impact that digital could have on communities for messaging and marketing. I’ve worked in marketing and digital my whole career.

I’ve worked freelance, agency and in-house; big companies and small companies. I find that bringing ALL your experience to each project – personal or professional – makes the difference and helps keep users at the center of everything you do.

Though I’ve studied general marketing, the thing that I love most about SEO how trackable it is – clicks, conversion, etc – give you immediate feedback. And I love finding tech solutions that have a big impact on a site and the business overall.

Q2 How to identify internal expertise and talent?

Internal experts can sometimes be introverted but you know these folks because they have answers, depth of knowledge & experience in your niche. Look at who is writing reports, creating documents, leading training & asking questions on behalf of customers.

Rember that your most valuable internal experts might not be the most vocal or very active online. That’s ok, they are probably busy being clever. BUT colleagues & clients can give you insights on who it’s worth contacting.

Top tip – If you have Slack Premium you can search for relevant terms, topics, channels, and documents to find potential candidates and even quotes.

Building trust is so important! Particularly if you are new to the team. They need to know you’ll support them with the process! Great advice!

Q3 How can experts help? Not all of them are writers or are willing to write or have time to write

“Expertise” is the “E” in E-A-T, a concept that informs their approach to Core Updates.* Google is very much invested in curating content that shows high levels of expertise** so getting this input is valuable.

However, if you want Expert content you will need to engage with experts to create copy, blogs, videos, podcasts, & other assets for your website and digital presence. What if they don’t have time? They probably won’t, so be flexible, patient and alert.

Be flexible about how you acquire content. Can you: Book an interview, record and make transcribed answers into a post? Repurpose an existing long-form email, document or presentation for the web? Send a Q&A, and shape the content from their answers?

Be patient with lead times and conscious of seasonality. Experts who work in accounting won’t be available at tax time for instance. Work to build relationships with potential contributors so they’re confident sharing their work with you.

Be alert. Look out for internal assets that could potentially be used for public-facing content. Annual reports, research, pitch decks, internal newsletters, and even slack conversations, can serve as the basis for expert content. Repurposing these to save time.

Q4 Should a company invest into public experts and how to prevent them from leaving once they become well-known?

For those worried about retention remember: Promoting quality talent on your team is a great way to *attract* quality talent to your team. Public facing experts to raise the profile of your entire business. Create opportunities to enable growth.

Further, many of the backlinks, content, and assets will remain associated with your brand for years to come. Think about the Supremes and Diana Ross. The songs that she did with them are brilliant many years after she left the group! So let your team shine!

And in the process your team gains a collection of knowledge that you can build on!

Q5 What are your favorite content marketing tools?

My fave content marketing tools are very straightforward:

  • @semrush for topic research
  • @canva for making visuals & diagrams
  • @Wix Blog for posting & SEO optimizations
  • @grammarly for….grammar
  • Google docs for writing, dictating, format, adding links & building tables

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