Boost Your Linkedin Engagement with Visual Content with @ryanmccready1 of @Venngage #vcbuzz

Boost Your Linkedin Engagement with Visual Content with @ryanmccready1 of @Venngage #vcbuzz

Linkedin marketing requires a lot of work but there are behind-the-scenes tricks that may make your job easier.

One thing that always helps is creating creative visual content to boost your Linkedin engagement. Here are a few tips!

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About Ryan

Ryan McCready is no stranger to our chat. He already hosted a very resourceful lesson for us on visual marketing and content repurposing.

Ryan McCready is content editor, social lead manager and sometimes designer @Venngage

Questions we discussed

Q1 Why Linkedin and which niches/business should absolutely market themselves on the platform?

Honestly I think that every business has a place on LinkedIn, you just have to take the time to find your niche. And then create engaging content that will help them do their job better each day.

Our customer base is extremely diverse, with lots of teachers, consultants , and businesses using @Venngage. But on LinkedIn most of our followers are marketing or business professionals, so we create content that they will find useful or engaging.

Q2 How to generate more visibility for your Linkedin updates?

Well I wrote an entire blog post that outlines how we create better LinkedIn content that you can see here.

At @Venngage we take the time to create content FOR LinkedIn, not just resharing content from our blog or other social sites. LinkedIn is very different than Twitter or Facebook, so the type of visuals and content that you share has to be different as well.

One of the most engaging type of content that we create are these simple Linkedin presentations or slide decks. They get 10x the engagement, clicks and impressions because they are so easy to consume on LinkedIn.

Here is one of my favorites.

Q3 How to create engaging visual content for your Linkedin page?

In the article that I shared earlier I break down our entire creation process. But as long as you make your visual content easy to consume, engaging and consistent you should be set.

One of the biggest mistake I see is that people try to SMASH too much information into the graphic. People don’t want to read a full document worth of information, they want to quickly consume a tip or idea then move on.

Take the time to pick the right piece of content, and extract the content nuggets from that blog post or article. Then use those smaller content nuggets to create visual content that will get someone to share your post or visit your site.

If they get the job done, they don’t have to be perfect!

Q4 Please share your favorite examples of effective visual marketing on Linkedin.

Simple presentations and slides decks are my absolute favorite visual content on LinkedIn. Over the next few tweets I will share some of the best ones that we have created @Venngage. Starting with this one for International Women’s Day.

This slide deck quickly breaks down the essential parts of a marketing plan.

We used this slide deck to report stats from our yearly Visual Content Marketing survey.

What I love about the slide decks is that you can use them to expand on a topic, like we did with the most popular Google Fonts in this example. You couldn’t really include something like this in the middle of a blog post.

Agrreeee. We just share our slide decks like any other piece of visual content and have seen that work very well.

I used to use Fliboard all the time, then they marked my account as Spam one day and never helped me fix it.

Q5 What are your favorite Linkedin marketing tools?

Can I say @Venngage? Well, it’s the only tool I really use to create content for LinkedIn.

That said, we have created a lot of internal processes that makes creating content for LinkedIn a lot easier. Most of the big ones can be found in this post.

We have a daily webinar that people can sign up for just by going to our blog.

Also if you want to learn how to create better infographics start with this article.

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