How to Become a Top Voice on LinkedIn with @GoldieChan #vcbuzz

How to Become a Top Voice on LinkedIn with @GoldieChanWriting on LinkedIn is a solid inbound marketing strategy that can help build leads and develop an audience within your niche.

That’s why we added Linkedin support at Viral Content Bee last year: It works!

But how to succeed on Linkedin? Let’s discuss!

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About @GoldieChan

@GoldieChan is known as the green-haired “Oprah of LinkedIn.” Her LinkedIn video channel garnered 3 million views in under a year and is the platform’s longest-running daily show with a global community. She is a top LinkedIn creator, digital strategist and personal branding expert.

Goldie @Forbes contributor and owner of Warm Robots, a corporate social media strategy agency. Connect to Goldie on Linkedin!

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I’ve been in for over a decade ⏰ I first started as a associate at a in and grew from there.

I’ve always been interested in but I never thought to grow my presence on there (I was rebuilding profiles for C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies).

Q2 How did you become top voice on LinkedIn? How much effort and time did it take?

Becoming took me 1.5 years to do. I spent 1/2 a year growing an engaged and regularly creating content – is the longest running daily Linkedin video channel ever.

Q3 What other LinkedIn influencers can you mention as examples of solid LinkedIn marketers? What are they doing right?

I like what marketers like and fellow Top Voices have done on the platform in terms of growing a unique audience and also explaining part of their process.

These marketers are growing their audience with authentic engagement and strong content (and not secret hacks). It’s that real thought and care that shines through their marketing.

Great question, Stefan! I don’t measure metrics as thoroughly per post (since I do daily content) but I check by what is my average baseline per post (is it 30 likes + 10 comments) etc and see if overall engagement increases regardless of follower count.

Q4 How to leverage LinkedIn to build leads (without being too salesy or spammy?)

LinkedIn can be used for leads when what you are looking for is hyper-focused. What industry/vertical are they in? What is their primary job function? Age range? Where do they go online and offline?

Once you have these questions answered, search for them using the general search function or invest in if you’d like to do outreach on scale.

Q5 What are your favorite social media, in general, and LinkedIn, in particular, marketing tools?

I have many favorite tools – high among them is (both tool and insights), (for larger enterprise), ‘s influencer program for linking to products, for editing photos/videos.

LinkedIn-specific tools depend on if you’re using them for brand pages (many more options) or personal brand pages. There is currently no way to push video onto a page from a 3rd party app (or schedule natively)

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