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How to build your social media accounts to qualify for VCB sharing?

Viral Content Buzz has Tumblr and Linkedin sharing enabled. However we cannot stress enough how serious we are about only allowing real, authentic and natural accounts to share from our platform. If your Tumblr and Linkedin sharing has ever beenaaa

Quality Requirements to VCB Social Media Accounts

While we do automatically evaluate your social media accounts based on how many connections you have built there, it’s not all about numbers… Please be aware of these quality requirements: All social media accounts connected to VCB are required toaaa

Why am I disabled from sharing on Pinterest?

Sometimes we have to disable certain accounts from sharing if we find that: Pinterest accounts and/or boards are too new (there are few followers and no interactions) Pinterest shares go to irrelevant boards Pinterest is used exclusively for VCB sharingaaa

Can any content be promoted through this platform?

Our platform is called “Viral Content Buzz” which implies that we are looking to help push high-quality content that has a good potential to go viral. Yes, that’s quite a vague definition but we will make sure to add moreaaa