Effective Influencer Marketing: Twitter Chat with Jason Quey @jdquey #VCBuzz

vcbuzz-Jason-Quey-jdqueySocial media is the most efficient way to build relationships with influencers: And the most innovative one which is why not many business utilize this marketing tactic.

Today’s guest will teach us proper influencer marketing today. Please meet @jdquey!

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About Jason

Jason Quey helps entrepreneurs connect with experts and influencers, so they can rapidly grow their business together.

Check out Jason’s website The Storyteller Marketer and connect to him on LinkedIn

Questions we discussed

Q1 What is influencer marketing and why have you got involved in it?

Every big blogger uses influencer marketing to start and grow their blog, from TFerriss and Ramit Sethi to Neil and @SujanPatel.

When I spent time figuring out what people do (not always what they say), influencer marketing was a common theme.

In simple terms, influencer marketing is finding a way to build value and use the relationships of the influencer.

Q2 What’s the most effective influencer marketing tactic you’ve seen work and / or help business utilize?

Using @Buzzsumo + @contentmrktrapp, I got 500+ shares for one article.

I wrote up a how-to guide how I did that here. Almost every influencer marketing strategy involves Twitter or email. That’s why I work for (and use) @contentmrktrapp

Not sure on links to article Tadeusz as another person on my team watches for links ?

“Readymade rockstar sales teams” are great if you find them. But can be expensive too. Also, not mutually exclusive ?

Following on social won’t get you noticed. Check out this on how to stand out.

Stunning graphics and headlines are a start, but I don’t think will separate you from the crowd. Especially w/marketers ?

Try to see if you can get their involvement in the creation process, creating the Ikea effect

Q3 What are your favorite influencer marketing tools?

My favorite influencer marketing tools – @contentmrktrapp, @buzzsumo, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+. Probably in that order ?

@sol_orwell is another networking beast and he uses FB. BTW, with 15 years in internet marketing, he’s worth following.

This article gives the top outreach tools of 40 experts @TheGrok‘s advice has returned the highest ROI

@contentmrktrapp has its own interface. Otherwise, I typically just use Gmail with Rapportive, @sidekick, and Streak.

Q4 Once you build those important connections, how do you best utilize them?

Depends on both my + their goals. I’ve used it to build links, boost traffic, increase brand, & gain them as clients and friends.

The key to influencer marketing is to build a long-term relationship. Get a reason to connect, add value, make a new friend. ?

Unless you know the influencer, outreach is very much part of the influencer marketing process.

Very true. Also, remember influencers have lives too and go on vacation, have kids, etc.

Q5 While influencer marketing is effective, building your own influence is even more important in the wrong run. How can companies get involved into growing their own in-house influencer? Should they invest time and money into doing that? Why or why not?

Growing your influence vs. growing an in-house influencer are two different things. There’s multiple ways to gain influence.

Watch what influencers do, not necessarily what they say, and always ask why.

Like all marketing, influencer marketing is another path to consider. I like it because you get to meet a lot of intriguing people and learn how they think.

Latest research – businesses gain $6.50 for every $1 invested into influencer marketing. 70% made $2+; 13% made $20+. Only 18% failed to generate any $.

BTW, that doesn’t mean you can skimp on your research and expect to be in the 82% ?

As promised, here’s my special bonus!

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