Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat with @BeckyShindell #VCBuzz

Hosting a Successful Twitter Chat with @BeckyShindell #VCBuzzHosting a Twitter chat is one of the most efficient social media marketing techniques… if you do it right! Let’s learn a few tricks today!

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About Becky

.@BeckyShindell is Social Media Manager of @semrush & host of #semrushchat

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a social media marketer? What’s your career path?

I started my career doing SEO & moved on to an agency where I wore multiple hats.. that’s when I started doing SMM. And then I fell in love with it. I always knew I was more creative than analytical but having SEO skills definitely helped with my SMM career. Now I’m at my dream job, I get to travel & meet experts all over. It’s really amazing!

The best kind 🙂 It’s pretty crazy how much this industry has changed in the past 5 years.. even the past year!

That’s awesome, kind of sounds like how we started out, too!

Q2 How old is #semrushchat and how is it held? What’s the format and why did you stick to it?

I actually started learning in college.. I studied online marketing & I remember my professor telling us that some of would be in SEO… and that’s where I started!

#semrushchat is about 3 yrs old, it’s every Wednesday @ 11AM ET/4PM GMT. When I became the host, I was lucky enough that there was already a great audience & format. BUT, we do try to change it up every so often with topics and I think what really sets us apart from others is that we humanize the chat, adding pictures of ourselves.

I’m a big fan of #contentwritingchat! I have to check out #CMworld, too…

Q3 How do you ensure many people show up? How do you invite people and what do your event reminders look like?

I use @AudienseCo to find relevant followers & then we invite all of them! It’s an awesome tool! I highly recommend it.

We try to start promoting a week ahead and with custom images for each chat topic and guest! And then, I write up a recap that goes out the Monday after 🙂

Totally agree! I think gifs are the best part of Twitter chats 🙂

Q4 How do you come with the topics and the “speakers”? How do you manage your chat editorial calendar?

A lot of our guests are our friends, but I meet people at conferences or search for influencers in the industry…

For the most part, I invite them on Twitter & then send them an email explaining it. For the topics, I search for topics from sessions at conferences& what pertains to the guest’s niche & send them options. We have a calendar that we share to add guests, topics, etc. so that the team is organized!

Definitely a good idea! I learn SO much from hosting these chats, it’s amazing.

Q5 What are your favorite Twitter chat marketing tips and tricks?

Promote like crazy! Having more advanced questions gets a diff. audience vs. having simpler ones. I use @canva and @SnappaIO mostly for the images (they’re SO user friendly) & invite people like I said earlier using @AudienseCo!

They’re the best!

Q6 What are your favorite Twitter chat hosting tools?

So you’re all going to think I’m crazy, but for the most part I use good ol’ Twitter.

BUT.. I am a big fan of @TweetDeck, @tchatio, & @SproutSocial to help.

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