Visual Marketing Twitter Chat with Lucinda Watrous @LEWatrous #VCBuzz

Visual Marketing Twitter Chat with Lucinda Watrous @LEWatrous #VCBuzz Visual marketing has been on the rise for several years now: There are lots of new tools and opportunities you may be unaware of!

Hopefully this week’s chat will inspire you with new visual marketing ideas!

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About @LEWatrous

Lucinda Watrous is content creator and web designer contributing to SEM Rush and Search Engine Journal.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 Having a web design background, what are you most excited about when it comes to visual marketing? Any trends you love watching?

I love the constant change. In the past, you had to get the design right for the screen & now responsive design handles it.

I’ve loved watching video evolve from something that you just couldn’t stream, into such a powerful branded marketing tool.

Q2 Please list some examples of visual marketing done right? Who can we learn from?

I wrote a piece for SEJ on non-ecommerce brands using Pinterest. These brands do it right.

The grammar nerd in me has to give a nod to the Grammarly cards you see floating around on FB & Pinterest. I couldn’t get the Grammarly card to upload. Check them out on Pinterest here.

Starbucks. Love them. Their Instagram is amazing.

Q3 How to find / create great visuals for your articles for free or on the cheap? Any favorite resources and guides?

I live & die by Canva. It’s quick, easy, and cheap to create graphics for nearly anything. And, you can upload your own photos, or choose from their collection of stock.

I use a lot of free photo repositories like Pixabay & UnSplash, but also have a membership with Adobe Stock.

Flickr is good too, if you’re careful to watch licensing and attribution.

I spend a few minutes in Canva for each visual. Most of my work only requires one or two. More time goes into finding the right images than making them.

I’ll check them out. I don’t know what I would do without Canva.

Good to know.

Q4 What’s your favorite social media network for promoting visuals?

It’s going to sound cliché, but Pinterest. Visual marketing is the core of that network, & I can get lost for hours.

I’m also venturing into Snapchat. I love how #OITNB created a visual story promoting the premiere.

I also like Instagram, but I’m not as active there. It’s a powerful marketing tool for many niches.

Yeah. And I’m just too busy to be constantly on any one network over the other. I spend most of my time on Twitter and Facebook. Try not to rely too heavily on scheduling tools for more authenticity.

I use Buffer. It manages all the big ones for me. I do Snapchat and Instagram manually still. Tailwind is really robust for Pinterest management and analytics, too.

Q5 What are your favorite visual marketing trends?

I’m a little camera shy, but I love watching my friends do live streams, scopes, and blabs. Love feeling like I’m there.

That’s a good idea. Maybe I should do that.

Interactive videos is one I plan to keep a close eye on. Those “Choose your Story” books were always my favorite as a kid.

The idea of making an interactive video makes my head hurt, but I will enjoy as a viewer for sure!

I screencast training stuff for clients with ScreenFlow

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