Visual & Content Marketing Twitter Chat with Robert Katai @katairobi #VCBuzz

twchat-katairobiContent marketing is our main area of focus: We want to promote only high-quality content to add value to the web. Therefore the topic of our Twitter chats is usually content marketing.

Today we are focusing more on innovative visual components of content marketing.

Our today’s expert is @katairobi, visual marketer, Instagram enthusiast and blogger.

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About Robert

Robert Katai is the Chief Evangelist of Bannersnack, an all-in-one banner maker and advertising app.

Robert writes regularly on his blog about digital marketing, social media and content marketing.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 Our traditional question: How did you get into Internet Marketing? What’s your background?

I started working in General Advertising Agency, then going through a corporation. So I was in the same places Client and Agency ?

Q2 Why Instagram? What’s the most efficient tactic to become an Instagram influencer?

If we are looking at the numbers I think @instagram is the best channel for smart visual marketing. Instagram is the smarter banner advertising. Just look up to the numbers.

Actually Instagram is the best smarter visual marketing channel. You can access the world through your phone.

Instagram is having the best Attention Capture.

In the present no, but they are working on a carousel ads where you can go in app web developed.

Q3 How does Instagram help with content marketing? How can they compliment each other? I mean… Instagram doesn’t even support clickable links in the descriptions! ?

I see Instagram the best place where you can show the story behind the story.

This is the future of advertising “Personalized advertising”

Q4 We’d love to know more about @Bannersnack. What does it do?

Q5 What are the tools and hacks that keep you productive?

I have a few tools: my hands, a cup of coffee and good music.

But actually I love @hootsuite for social media and I’m always in a search mode for experimenting tools.

Sometimes I love to disconnect so I can come back fresh with new ideas.

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