Visual Content Marketing Tips with Nicolina Wroblewski @TheMissNicolina #VCBuzz

Visual Content Marketing Tips with Nicolina Wroblewski @TheMissNicolina #VCBuzzThe web has got extremely visual: We watch and create videos, stunning images, share animated GIFs, etc. on a daily basis. How to stand out in this clutter? Let’s talk visual marketing today!

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About Nicolina

Nicolina Wroblewski, known as ‘Miss Nicolina’, is a digital marketing consultant, social media influencer, brand ambassador, entrepreneur and writer.

If you need help developing your digital marketing strategy or managing social media accounts, connect to Nicolina on Linkedin.

Questions we are going to discuss

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer?

It was a natural evolution for me from a long career in IT and web development. Once #socialmedia hit I was hooked! After a break to have my little boy I started my own consulting biz. High five to all the #smallbiz owners!

Have to admit it’s been a great journey!

Q2 What is your favorite visual marketing network and how to make it work?

My ALL TIME FAV visual marketing network is still #Instagram. 1B people can’t be wrong! P.S. It launched the same year I had my boy so it’s got to be good.

Although I’m also a big fan of @Pinterest marketing for bloggers and social selling.

Definitely works better from a business account! #Instagram

I can’t stress enough going back to basics for Instagram marketing and having a plan! Build up a content calendar of ideas for visuals that match your brand and message and post at least once per day!

You can actually “Shop Now” with 3rd party apps like “Like2Buy” straight from Instagram. I’ve bought direct from Instagram, so easy and dangerous lol!

Selling directly from Pinterest and Instagram is a real ++ for shop owners. ‘Shop the look’ is a HOT tactic for selling right now.

#DidYouKnow — More than 84% of smartphone users in the U.S. browse, research, or compare products via a web browser or mobile app.

Q3 What are your favorite visual marketing resources you could recommend for a newbie (or even someone looking to up their game)?

We all need to use , am I right? It adds something more dynamic than static images to your content and a little fun which can be more relatable to your audience. You can create custom GIFs as well to match your brand!

Infographics are a great way to present trends and facts in a more visually appealing way. I love finding relevant content from or create your own in a tool like !

Q4 What are the recent visual marketing micro-trends you enjoyed most?

Video is huge and part of that trend has been shaped by LIVE capabilities now in most of the major social networks. It gives your audience a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your business/brand and connects with them in a more personal way.

Marketers are using in Twitter to strengthen visual content marketing or to make brand announcements backed with interesting visuals. Facebook Live is fab because everyone gets an alert that you’re live!

Q5 What are your favorite visual marketing tools?

Create images:

Create videos:

Market images:

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