How to Rock with Viral Content Buzz: Twitter Chat with Gerald Weber @the_gman #VCBuzz

vcbuzz-twchatOur this week’s featured guest is special – that’s our own co-founder Gerald Weber @the_gman

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About Gerald

Gerald Weber is an Internet Entrepreneur from Houston, Texas. After years of working for a local search marketing firm in Houston, Gerald decided it was time to hang his own shingle in December of 2005, when he founded Search Engine Marketing Group.

Although Gerald is a professional SEO by trade, social media has long been his hobby and addiction. Gerald first started his love affair with social media in late 2007 when he joined StumbleUpon, followed shortly by Twitter. And he has been hooked on social media ever since.

Please bookmark Gerald’s screencast of ViralContentBuzz features to get a detailed walk through our platform!

Questions that we discussed

Q1 Let’s talk a bit about how ViralContentBuzz was born:

Q1A How did you come up with the idea of ViralContentBuzz?

Sure thing. Glad you asked. It’s actually an interesting story. I used to spend hours and hours each day promoting content. Sites like Twitter,, Stumble. After a few years of blogging and networking on social media sites, promoting etc. I decided I couldn’t just spend all day every day promoting content. It was just too resource intensive.

Yep, asking for shares on Gtalk, Social media groups, Skype, etc. Mostly Gtalk. So, I began looking for a tool that could help make the content marketing process more efficient. And I was ALWAYS disappointed with what I found. I would find tool or platform that would seem really cool at first. But then as I would dive a little deeper I would always find something I didn’t like about it.

So yes. We just made the decision to build it ourselves. After trying literally every similar tool I could find. We did a soft launch of Viral Content Buzz in July 2012.

Q1B Has everything happened as you envisioned? Better? Worse? Different?

I would say our vision is coming to life perfectly. Perhaps a bit better than we expected. The main points that basically encompass what our vision was/is: quality approach, Real people with Real social accounts and sharing based on the merit of the content as opposed to any other reason.

It’s safe to say that our vision for VCB has come to pass just as we wanted. I think Ann said it best in her VCB case study: “Viral Content Buzz is NOT a viral marketing machine…  It is the way to get discovered and move forward accordingly (if you deserve it) It is meant to show you the direction.”

Q2 What’s your favorite feature of VCB? Name one ?

*Sigh* this is a tough one! Because there are a lot of cool feature. But if I have to pick… It would have to be ability to tweet from multiple twitter accounts. I have multiple business I am involved in, and this allows me to share content from the most relevant Twitter account. This keeps that content being shared to a relevant social profile. But it also helps keep the social profile relevant and active as well. In this way I can use VCB as a discovery tool for certain social accounts I want to keep active for various businesses. Multiple Twitter accounts was a feature that was suggested by our users FYI! ?

Q3 They say the best tool is the one the creator is using all the time. How do you benefit from VCB?

I used VCB to keep certain social accounts active and find good content. Additionally I use Viral Content Buzz for my clients content marketing as well as my own. Basically I use Viral Content Buzz for the reason we created it. To promote great content! And it’s truly the best content promotion tool I have ever used to date. As many clients as we have there is no way we would be able to spend the time needed to manually promote everything. So VCB is a life saver when it comes to this.

Q4 You always say the platform is built based on user feedback. Which VCB features have been added on users’ feedback?

As just mentioned the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts was user feedback. Also the ability to buffer/schedule projects, Facebook page support, two different layout options (Pinterest Style vs Linear), and getting credits after a project has been shared to a certain point. Bonus credits for doing a good job.  If your project is getting shared then that means it must be pretty good. So we give a bonus once a project has been shared to a certain point. This was a users suggestion that we implemented. Who better to offer suggestions, than the people who are using the tool day in and day out. They are the most qualified

Q5 What are the benefits of the PRO accounts?

Benefits of Going pro include: 200 or 500 credits renewed automatically each month. Faster moderation in the queue, better analytics in my projects, access to PRO forums, and Support from VCB community and its Founders. Going PRO also helps us make VCB a better platform. Our developers aren’t inexpensive. ? Additionally we are adding the ability to submit content via RSS soon. So stay tuned for that PRO feature and G+ button on all projects for “busy bee content marketers” only.

Q6 What is the future of VCB?

Well of course we are adding the ability to submit via RSS in the future! ? But basically. We want to make VCB more and more valuable for content marketers. So that means we will never stop improving. Making updates for the better, and we will continue implement updates based on users feedback!


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