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vcbuzz-ronselaWe meet with social media influencers weekly to learn how they became successful! Today we are lucky enough to have a successful Twitter expert @RonSela

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About Ron

Ron Sela is a Director of Marketing at Twtrland and speaker on topics such as Online Influence, Social Media Strategy and Landing Pages.

Over the past 15 years, Ron held senior level finance positions with various startups, and provided business strategy and advice for early stage companies. Ron uses creativity, data and analysis to support top-notch companies.

Questions we discussed

Q1 Please tell us your story! How did you become a social media marketer?

Great question! My background is in corporate finance. I started using Twitter in 2008, and eventually kicked-off my own blog. Being a finance guy, I found fascinating similarities between social media optimization and profit maximization objectives. They are more similar than it looks. I especially got hooked with influence marketing, brand advocacy and utilizing word-of-mouth for campaign amplification.

Last year I designed the inbound marketing program for @pagewiz_app , a cutting edge landing page builder.

By identifying the right people to approach, and designing a targeted campaigns, word-of-mouth can be highly beneficial.

It really depends on the program targets. Twitter is a great vehicle to approach influencers and blogger, and by email. Sure using online tools to monitor hashtags and keywords is a great way to follow the campaign results

I agree. BuzzSumo is a great tool to find people to reach out to. TagBoard, Hootsuite and TweetDeck are great tools for following hashtags and keywords in real time

Q2 How did you build up such an impressive social media following?

Blogging made a huge difference in the number of new people who follow me on social media networks, particularly blogging pros. More people followed me when I started guest blogging, participating in group interviews, podcasts and twitter chats.

Content syndication and the kindest support of influential power users proved that pay it forward is a great #smm strategy. Content syndication is a great way to repurpose content and put it in front of more potential readers.

It really depends on the type of content, but it will usually be on other blogs that relate to the topic.

Ann, this is a great strategy. Two and even three steps content syndication!

I enjoy contributing regularly to @janlgordon and to @MillennialCEO.

Q3 What’s your one Twitter tactic that brought best results? What has worked for you particularly well?

The combination of using Twitter Lists, real time listening, being responsive, and providing value to a targeted audience. I also, I tweet (a lot) content that resonates with my audience, that is comprised primarily of experienced social media users.

Visual content definitely helps with increasing engagement, for which I use tools such as @canva, @shareasimage and #Pablo.

Q4 Please tell us about @twtrland! How can it help with social media marketing?

Twtrland is a social media analytics platform, designed to help with building your online presence and finding influencers. With Twtrland you can monitor brands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and analyze their landscape. It also allows you to find influencers in any skill and anywhere in the world. Here is an example. It is there for each Twitter account.

“Talked With” is also an interesting feature. You can see who are the people that this account speaks with most. The pricing details are located here. Please note that the public profiles are open to view online.

Q5 What’s your favorite social media productivity tip? How do you get productive and organized in the cluttered social media world?

Use checklists for your routine assignments. Templates (article titles, post structure) and workflows are huge time savers. @trello and @CoSchedule are great for organizing campaigns. @Oktopost and @buffer are perfect for executing and monitoring.

Don’t be afraid of marketing automation. @zapier, @IFTTT, @elasticio & @cloudwork can streamline your workflow.

It certainly helps to have a system in place, with the purpose of taking care of routine assignments.

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