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vcbuzz-Tim-Fargo-@alphabetsuccessTwitter is the most powerful real-time broadcasting and connecting tool at our disposal. But it’s also very hard to scale because it works only if you are always there. Today we are happy to welcome Twitter productivity expert Tim Fargo @alphabetsuccess

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About Tim

Tim Fargo is an American author, keynote speaker, angel investor and entrepreneur. He is the author of Alphabet Success.

Tim is CEO of Twitter productivity tool Tweet Jukebox

Questions we are discussing now

Q1 How did you become social media marketer? What’s your career path?

Accidentally. Was trying to sell a book and wound up here. Post sale of earlier biz.

The best thing for Twitter is to harness the momentum of their users. Flow versus force.

Q2 What is Who and how came up with the idea and how did you become involved? is a Twitter content management. Originally designed for me by a friend. Launched in February. Sick of scheduling content when the effort isn’t value add for community.

Yes. A limited scale version of Tweet Jukebox is free.

For me, the automation was key. For evergreen content, nobody cares about delivery method. It was my project from onset. So, involved by default. Idea to make it a product came later.

Q3 How can help make anyone’s Twitter marketing more effective? What’s your personal favorite feature?

Automate your outbound with so you can engage your community and develop and curate great content.

The jukeboxes are the key. Specific frequency, random delivery. Simple but powerful.

Q4 Please share your other favorite Twitter marketing tools and tricks?

Hootsuite for listening. Crowdfire for follower management. SocialBro for overview.

For promotions I like to test 2 to 3 graphics for best traction. Highly valuable.

Q5 Twitter is real time and hard to scale. Please share your favorite productivity tools (both Twitter-related and beyond)

Best productivity tool? Know what your real goal is. Don’t chase BS metrics.

BS Metric – tons of followers but no engagement. Lots of RTs but no sales. Great Klout, but no clout.

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