The Future of Social Media Marketing with Joe Martin @joeDmarti #vcbuzz

The Future of Social Media Marketing with Joe Martin @joeDmarti #vcbuzzSocial media is evolving amazingly fast. Today we have much smarter machine-learning-driven social media algorithms, and social media users are much more demanding and harder to surprise.

With the fast-evolving #AL and #AR technology as well as with the rise of mobile usage and on-the-go (impulse) shopping behaviors, what’s the future of social media marketing? Let’s discuss!

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About @joeDmarti

Joe Martin @joeDmarti is VP of Marketing at @CloudApp

Joe Martin @joeDmarti has over 13 years experience providing strategic direction and management expertise through research, media buying, content creation, and brand strategy.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

Have always been a data guy. Started in finance, but always liked the creativity of marketing. Went from working in commercial real state valuations to get an MBA to focus on marketing.

Had offers out of grad school from Amazon and others, but went with a startup that was evenutally acquired by WeWork to learn lots of marketing rather than being a specialist. Then went to Adobe for 7 years where I led research, content, and analytics teams.

Then to where I saw some raw potential with an awesome product in the exploding video space. Just now building my marketing team there.

Q2 What are the biggest social media marketing trends?

Number one for me would be video growth. I led brand social at Adobe for a little while and it was crazy to see the amount of response we could get from video led campaigns.

Also, more 1:1 connections happening maybe due to social fatigue with so many networks.

Need for internal influencers to be the face of a brand. When I ran a paid campaign announcing some Adobe news it got 10x the engagement of our brand channel.

Q3 What should businesses be doing to adopt those social media marketing trends?

Have a strategy in place for day to day needs, but also leave space to be nimble and adapt to new trends.

Build up your community voice with user generated content and internal brand content.

Create a culture of evaluation where everyone is anxiously engaged in testing and improving each process

Q4 What is the future? What will social media marketing look like in 5 or ten years?

Maybe an unpopular opinion, but without any changes I think social will be close to status quo. A solid channel for brand and individual connections, but still second fiddle to search/PR/events/demand gen for marketing purposes.

I mean we have a large sample of social at this point, it is what it is without any big changes. Which is fine I think.

I still think we are aways from #AR and #VR being mainstream. It will take a cultural shift or programmatic shift similar to what mobile did.

Get your local user base to provide you with content, guest posts, video, etc.. base campaigns around that. “This is Sally from (your area) she loves X company because …)

Q5 What are some digital marketing tools that are already allowing businesses to prepare for social media marketing changes and trends?

I love research tools like Sysomos or posting tools like HootSute. Both great ways to gather data and understanding to improve campaigns.

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