Start Investing in Your Personal Brand with @AnthonyGaenzle #vcbuzz

Start Investing in Your Personal Brand with @AnthonyGaenzle #vcbuzz

With the growth of social media and blogging, every person can become a brand if they choose to.

But many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t still realize the power of personal branding.

How and why to start investing in personal branding?

Let’s discuss!

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About @AnthonyGaenzle

@AnthonyGaenzle is CEO of @GrowWithGaenzle

Anthony Gaenzle specialized on growing brands. He is author of Blogging for Business: Skyrocket Your Traffic, Grow Your Readership, and Boost Revenue.

Anthony is top 40 content marketer according to @BuzzSumo.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I kind of stumbled into the field. I’d been working in the film industry, and I decided to make a shift to mass communication and journalism.

Blogging was gaining traction as a respected medium, and podcasting was starting to make its mark as well. I loved writing and creating things, and I just started to explore.

I fell into a marketing job, and then I started freelancing as well. I realized I could do the things I loved about the journalism field while also doing so much more!

I landed a job as Director of Marketing at a global content agency (@EnVeritasGroup) where I was able to put all the pieces together.

Video, writing, blogging, websites, graphic design, social media…there were so many opportunities within the digital marketing space. And my love for the field just grew.

Q2 What is a personal brand and who needs to think about investing into it?

A personal brand is really the perception that’s created around who you are, your expertise and experience, your on and offline presence, achievements, and more.

Everyone has a personal brand, whether you’re aware of it or not. People create perceptions about you, and you have the ability to transform those perceptions.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your career, creating a personal brand that highlights your authority in your field can be very beneficial. Recruiters are digging for info about you, so control the narrative.

Consultants (across multiple fields) can really benefit from a powerful personal brand. When prospective clients seek to hire you, an impressive personal brand can really present you as the clear choice over the competition.

Bloggers, creators, entertainers and others can really benefit as well. Anyone can really benefit from a quality personal brand if you’re looking to grow professionally or become an authority in your space.

Q3 How to build a personal brand?

Think of your personal brand like you would a company’s brand. You are the product. You are the logo. You need to first understand the story you want to tell, then determine the best way to create it.

Today, a personal brand benefits significantly from a solid digital presence. Choose the right social channels to fit your brand. Create and publish content, but be ready to engage with your audience.

Add value in some way. Whether it’s through education, solving problems, lifting others up, or entertaining. Figure out the value you add to your audience and focus on helping them.

Create content that showcases your expertise. Blog articles, podcast episodes, videos, and other content are super shareable. This can help your personal brand grow quickly.

Building a personal brand is different for every. Make it your own journey. To help get started, I’ve put together a blueprint to help you launch your own personal brand.

Q4 What type of an investment are we talking about here? How much time should one dedicate to brand themselves?

The more effort and time you put in, the better the results. This doesn’t mean you need to post 50 times per day on social media, however.

Focus on creating amazing things and posting them on the right channels. Spend a good % of your time building relationships. The mix of content and strong relationships will help you grow the most.

You can’t phone in building a personal brand. You need to be present and active, and make yourself accessible to your audience on some level.

There’s no specific amount of time you need to invest. Test, assess, and adjust. Be flexible, and be ready to ramp up or slow down the amount of time you spend on personal branding at times.

Q5 What are your favorite digital marketing tools?

My all-time favorite tool is @semrush. So much value in one platform. It’s really amazing the SEO and content insights you can uncover and then apply to boost your presence.

Namify is a great tool for brand name generation if you are still looking to launch your digital presence.

I love @vcbuzz. It’s been a huge help in improving the reach of the content I produce for both my websites.

For building my website, I highly recommend @WordPress. Such a versatile CMS, and the plug-ins, themes, and user-friendly builders make it the best place to build your site.

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