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twchat-brianWelcome to our August social media marketing Twitter chat! We have an exciting topic today and we’d love to get started as soon as possible.

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Now, let’s welcome our today’s mentor @iSocialFanz

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About Brian

Brian Fanzo is a technology and social media strategist speaking at lots of conferences. Brian has architected, deployed and managed Social Business solutions for the Department of Defense, United States Army, Defense Information Systems Agency and Small Businesses. Brian is social technology Evangelist leading digital change for social businesses…

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you get into social media marketing? How did you decide to turn it into the profession?

For me social was always my place for learning new skills & engaging with thought leaders.. I’m a big fan of collaboration! I moved from focus only on internal #SocBiz communities to bridging internal & external communities which is my passion! Cont.. the true power of social IMO are the great conversations and relationships that create ripples that can change the world!

Q2 What’s your favorite social media network and why? Which one do you enjoy most? Which one is more successful in term of marketing?

My Favorite & most used is by far twitter but I really enjoy the engagement and growth of Instagram. Facebook for me is going thru a change as I’m more open than in the past.. Big fan of G+ Hangouts and all video chat platforms. For brands and personal brands I teach there is no 1 fit all social network. Must listen & play where your community is!

Q3 You have an absolutely outstanding About page and LinkedIn resume. Can you give us tips for us to improve ours?

Your digital footprint is your new 1st impression.. invest in it like you do your wardrobe! IMO Personal Branding = Find your voice, be yourself & share your story & passion across your digital footprint!

Too often we focus on sharing what we think others want us to say but they are following you to hear from you!

Every person & brand has the ability thanks to social to be the director, author and marketer of their story… I’m not a writer or an English major but I embraced & found value in blogging as it allowed me to share my stories!

Q4 Your participate in LOTS of Twitter chats? Why do you enjoy them so much? Also, what does a Twitter chat need to do to have you a regular guest? Tips for Twitter chat hosts?

Twitter Chats not only transformed the value I found from twitter but it connected me w/ people I would have never found!

A Twitter chat much like “Cheers” is that 1 hour on twitter where “everyone knows your name!”. I wouldn’t have the speaking opportunities or career I have today if it wasn’t for friends i met through twitter chats!

Tips for Hosting Chats: Listen & participate in other chats first and really focus on what value your chat will provide! I participated in 30+ chats a week for almost 2 years before I decided to host my own chat.

I created a public gCal as notifications were only way to keep up w/chats.. I now have 3k subscribed to that calendar! Twitter Chats give you the community element everyone seeks when joining social media networks! All of my blogs and notes on twitter chats are here. Key to great chats aren’t the hosts, guests or lists of questions it’s the community conversations.

Q5 Finally, with three daughters and so many activities, how do you manage your time?

My 3 daughters are my world (all under 5yrs old).. for me it’s not work/life balance as much as making the most of every minute! I left a great job to chase my passion for social communities & teaching change and it was only possible with my family support! I’ve also mastered multi-tasking and using automation to streamline my workflow so I have more time to be me! Here is my blog about chasing my passion: “Focusing my future on my passion for change!” When I embraced transparency & being myself on social, I was able to create authentic relationships that changed my world!

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