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vcbuzz Twitter chat with @AskAaronLee of @PostPlannerWe have so much to do on social media networks these days that social media marketing can easily become counter-productive. How to be everywhere and remain efficient? That’s what our Twitter chat is about!

We are very honored to welcome our mentor! Please meet @AskAaronLee of @PostPlanner!

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About Aaron

Aaron Lee a.k.a. @AskAaronLee, is a social media manager and entrepreneur hailing from Malaysia. Please connect to Aaron through his blog.

Aaron is also the Grand Master of Customer Delight at @PostPlanner.

Post Planner makes it easy for people to find and share amazing content consistently – to get predictable, measurable, and remarkable results with their social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a social media marketer? What’s your background?

I’m an accidental social media marketer. I ‘picked’ up social media (twitter) when I read a blog by @ChrisBrogan back in 2009.  @ChrisBrogan talked about how ‘Twitter brings great minds together, & gives you daily opportunities to learn. ‘ I was SOLD!

While I do have a degree in marketing, it’s no where the same as actually implementing social media marketing in real life.

I’m actually an introvert in real life. I’m super shy and awkward. Social media really opened doors for me.

Q2 What are your favorite social media networks and why?

I love all social platforms but I’m biased towards Twitter because it was the platform helped me connect with others MORE.

Twitter IS the only platform that is truly open that allows you to connect with anyone from around the world. I wouldn’t be doing what I love to today without Twitter, , so ….thanks @twitter!

Of course! the world is checking out my hair! it has to be perfect man!

I used to LOVE linkedin groups and their Q&A. Groups are spammy and Q&A is gone (right).

It’s amazing how I can connect with everyone here thanks to Twitter. I wouldn’t be able to do so 6 years ago.

Yes it will! Instagram is HOT! it’s what people log into, first thing in the morning. Can’t say the same for Facebook. Instagram will take off really soon. They are opening their ads platform for businesses.

Q3 How does @PostPlanner increase social media posting productivity?

@PostPlanner is not only a scheduling platform but a content discovery platform as well. I find & schedule content to Facebook & Twitter in ONE CLICK w/ @PostPlanner. Now I even PIN content I find to Pinterest. Since I can find content in @PostPlanner & schedule them w/ a click, it saves me a LOT of time.

If anyone wants a free @postplanner trial, just let me know. I’ll be happy to hook you up with one.

We do have analytics for your Facebook page too, it’s pretty simple and slick. For tagging, no, Facebook’s API limits 3rd party apps to tag pages. I think they are afraid it will be abused

Yup! it’s tough for 3rd party developers

We love our friends at @buffer but one thing the separates us with them is our content discovery platform. You can easily find trending topics for Facebook as well as viral photos.

Oh, did I mentioned we have over 12,000 engaging status ideas that you can use to build engagement? 2 years ago me and @scottayres manually keyed in every single one of them lol! it was hard but fun

As @rebekahradice mentioned, finding content and pinning has never been easier!

Q4 Which social media analytics tools do you use to evaluate your social media strategy effectiveness?

I use @PostPlanner for Facebook, Twitter analytics for Twitter & @SimplyMeasured for Instagram. It’s pretty simple & effective.

I don’t really use a lot of tools, I keep my tools simple and it works. What about you guys?

Q5 You talk a lot about regaining balance in your life. Did you manage to? What ended up working for you? We’d love to do that again!

At one point life got so messed up! It felt hectic all the time & I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I put on so much weight. It came to a point that I hated seeing the reflection of myself. That’s when I decided I needed I change.

I decided to change my life by doing 5 small things everyday and turning it into a habit instead of going crazy. I call it ‘the power of 5’ or #POW. It’s all about finding the balance. 5 seems to be easy for me. I lost 30lbs doing 5 small easy task daily. Drinking water, eating breakfast, short exercises, reminding myself, etc.

Everything comes in 5 now. Today I’m only following 5 blogs & those blogs keeps me up to date enough. We’re all doing too much.

It is for sure.

One of my 5 daily task was reminding myself to move forward. Even if it’s a 5 minute short workout.

You can read more about how I found balance in my life again here.

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