Social Media Marketing Twitter Chat with @Matthew_Holden, CEO of @MavSocial #VCBuzz

vcbuzz-mavsocialEffective social media marketing is all our platform is about, so we are always looking for tools, platforms and tricks to make it easier and more efficient for our users.

Today we are featuring one of the best social media sharing tools out there: @MavSocial and its CEO @Matthew_Holden

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About Matthew

.@Matthew_Holden is an experienced CRM, digital & social media solutions champion, business development & market manager for SME-enterprise level companies in the advertising sector and Fortune 500 companies.

.@Matthew_Holden is the CEO and founder of @MavSocial, the visual social media marketing platform which is completely free!

Questions we discussed

Q1 How and when did you come up with the idea of @MavSocial? What’s the story of this awesome project?

I’ve always loved photography and video. I’ve watched social grow and change so much over the past few years. But there’s always been gap between content & publishing so we set about building @mavsocial to have one location to do this.

So, I took a big, bold decision & created a new startup in Australia, but then decided to move the company, family & dogs to SF! And here we are today helping marketers around the world!

Q2 How can @MavSocial help a blogger, digital marketer and website owner? How is it different from other social media platforms?

We are very different to the @hootsuite @SproutSocial @Sprinklr platforms. We’re blending content & publishing together.

Content is king. Visual storytelling is what everyone wants today and we allow photos, videos & audio to be in the platform.

The other reason is we aim for the small business to mid market. Time is so precious and tools should be easy, fast to use. And we wanted a product created by marketers for marketers.

Except that we have 50 million stock images in our platform, different functionality. Vendors all operate in the space.

There are big (and exciting changes) I see at Twitter. There are always API changes. As developers that’s our job.

Q3 How come @MavSocial is free? Do you have plans of limiting its free functionality like @Hootsuite did? What are future plans for @MavSocial? Where is the project going?

Originally we charged $99 then $39 but pricing is madness.  Social should be free for small users so we abolished pricing.

We believe transparency is best. no hidden fees report. Our free base product; unlimited posts, single user, 50 profiles. You can access the @GettyImages @Bigstock for about $2 per image or @pixabay for free. Linking via @Bitly and others.

Our mid-market product is chargeable & getting huge attention from small-mid social advertising agencies n brands globally.

We derive revenues from social agencies and solutions for larger customers. Some users have 200 profiles n 40 accts

Re product future plans are awesome! I sitting on some cardboard boxes in our new office in San Francisco opens Oct 1!

We’ve got some really cool new features for our platform for late 2015/Q1-16 we expect to really move the social dial. But at the end of the day it’s all about team; it’s not easy but our folks are the ones that make it happen

Q4 What’s your favorite social media network and why? What’s the most efficient social media network when it comes to visual marketing?

I love visuals so @Instagram. But for marketing today I believe @twitter is under-utilised by for visual marketing.

Again @TwitterAds is a great way to go. Social marketers get a near instant results can adapt their social tactics and visual.

You’re right @DonSturgill but we’re not creating our own library. That is too limiting we aim to be the hub of social stock content. To date we have 7 major libraries. 50 million images. About 20m are free use. Others paid. More libraries soon

That’s also one of the challenges of images – too much choice. With one search you search all libraries at once

Ads will also change when @Instagram allows direct ad API for platforms like ours to publish.

Facebook is the mature giant in the room. We all expecting even tighter pay-to-play in 2016 so brilliant visuals essential.

Good question @DarrenDeMatas. Personally not soon. I think Instagram one of the smartest social today. Slow and careful rollout.

It’s all mobile. soon marketers will be again saturated with interface apps. more work for us

Q5 You have quite an international team: WOW! How do you manage to be a productive team when all the managers are all in different countries?

Hah! With difficultly and less sleep but that is the nature of #entrepreneur and #startup right?

We’ve such a great, young vibrant team in India, Hong Kong and USA. We’re hiring and tools such as @SlackHQ @Atlassian help.

I see my role is to help lead us as a company n our team to help marketers do their job and solve a problem. I’ve seen and experienced too many companies burn customers and hit’n’run. That not what we trying to engender with our team!

Like others, it’s time grow. We’re looking for #venturecapital so we continue development, expand into other markets and build!

Like marketers it’s all about team. We’re across 3 continents it’s not easy but our folks make it happen; but I still fly a lot.

Probably the biggest challenge for any business is to keep site of the goal; ours is to be the visual content bridge for social.

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