Social Media Marketing for Artists: Twitter Chat with @JohnnaSabri #VCBuzz

Social Media Marketing for Artists: Twitter Chat with @JohnnaSabri #VCBuzzSocial media platforms have provided artists and authors with a new powerful marketing venue that enable them to be independent.

Today we are chatting about social media marketing for artists with @JohnnaSabri

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About Johnna

Johnna Sabri is CEO of @AngelTDnest, sales and marketing manager of @Skypony_Studio, and jewelry designer.

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Questions we are discussing now

Q1 What brought you into digital marketing? What’s your career story?

I was trying to drive traffic to my jewelry blog and discovered Empire Avenue. Met social folks who helped me navigate the flowing rapids we call social media.

Art isn’t just drawing its being creative with what you’re passionate about

True and you have to wear many hats.

Q2 How is social media marketing for artists different from social media marketing in general? What are the specifics to keep in mind?

You have to see it from a different perspective. 1 is the importance. Artists tend to get into the creative zone.

So to bring a balance create something you WANT someone to steal ?

Q3 Which social media platforms work best for artists and how to make the most of them?

Well many artists don’t even know how to get started in social media marketing. It depends on the artist, what they are trying to accomplish and their target market.

The right use of hash tags works with me. It’s a challenge so you gotta throw in some of your own tags–create one specific to you.

@blab is a great platform for online open mic

Q4 What are your favorite social media marketing tools and why?

Anything geared towards artists such as ReverbNation, SoundCloud, ArtWanted. FineArtAmerica, Saatchi online.

Q5 You seem to be doing so many things and you are also creative (the two don’t mix well as far as I know)! Please share your productivity tips for artists!

You need a schedule. And set alarms for those schedules.

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