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Social media changed our life: From traveling to catching up with members social media sites give us a lot to be thankful for.

Today we are talking about social media impact on our career. And we have the best career expert we are aware of: Please meet @JacobShare

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About Jacob

Jacob is job search expert, pro blogger, creative thinker and community builder.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a career building expert and why did you decide to start a blog about it?

I wanted to learn blogging and social media, no better way than just doing it. I was jobhunting, so decided to blog about that… I liked blogging, so I took a course on how pro bloggers make $$, even after my job search ended.

After blogging job search for a few years, I finally felt comfortable calling myself an expert.

Q2 How can one find a job using social media? Do you have any cool stories and tips?

There are many ways that social media makes job search easier, but I’ll focus on the 3 most important…

  1. Use social media to impress potential employers with your expertise aka personal branding In my Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide is a girl who had an offer tweeted minutes after her layoff!
  2. Use social media to research companies you actually want to work for and that need your skills.
  3. Use social media to help and get helped (=network) by people who can refer you for jobs.

Q3 How can social media hurt one’s chances to find a job?

Social media can hurt your chances if you post content that recruiters see as ‘not company culture‘. As social media is fairly new to recruiters, they’re less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt. Social media hurts job seekers if your messaging is unfocused or sounds fake e.g. compared to your CV.

Q4 How does an employer evaluate one’s social media footprint? What do you think about employers hiring based on Klout Score, for example?

The simplest way employers check you out is to google your name. But when employers google your name, they’re often just looking for reasons to reject you.

Klout scores your activities online, but if the tracked social networks aren’t where you shine, it won’t help you. And Klout’s tracked social networks are all general purpose, so the score says more about your networking than your expertise Ultimately, Klout’s score is a reputation shortcut that’s only really useful for certain recruiters trying to fill certain jobs

Q5 I know you’ve run a lot of guest blogging contests… What are your favorite career-building articles you ever got?

It’s true! This past summer was the 8th Annual JobMob Guest Blogging Contest with over $11K in prizes. Tough question, there have been so many great articles. But ok, here are a few standouts:

  1. Won this year & most pop. entry in 8 years: Introverts’ Guide to a Smooth Job Search (@IntrovertLeader)
  2. Why Recruiters Lie When Rejecting You (@animal)
  3. Do You Have This Moneymaking Personality Trait? (@swiedner)
  4. 50 Ways to Leave Your Job Search NOW (@careersherpa)
  5. Finally: 18 Tips That Helped Me Find Work This Year (@ysp10182)


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