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vcbuzz-ruxandraruxA few weeks ago I collected some social media analytics companies and mentioned @Brandwatch there. The same day @Brandwatch community manager got back to me with some cool updates about their company.

I think social media analytics is not covered at #VCBuzz well enough so I invited her here for us to get a better idea on what we can achieve with social media analytics.

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About Ruxandra

Ruxandra is a Community Manager here at Brandwatch. She loves travel, live music and Spanish culture and has a keen interest in Marketing and Intercultural Communication.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you end up being a community manager? What does your job entail? (Note: We’ve had some community managers here before!)

After studying PR&Comms at uni, I applied for an internship at Brandwatch and after a few months I was offered a job!

I’m now a community manager specializing in influencer marketing globally, based in Brighton, UK. On a weekly basis my main job responsibilities are relationship building, project management, blogging, outreach campaigns & more

It’s all about being helpful and putting a premium on your audience’s needs rather than your own!

In terms of relationship building I think phone calls and f2f meetings are great, better than any tool!

In short, I keep our community of influencers happy, active and well-informed, so that our relationships keep flourishing

Couldn’t agree more!

My main focus is influencer marketing which is a key tool for reaching potential customers. Word of mouth works best!

Q2 How old is @Brandwatch? What was the evolution of the project?

In 2007, the product Brandwatch Analytics was developed and the first customer was on board by 2008. The bottom line on the innovation is that everything is built in-house and we have a strong focus on keeping our clients happy.

We always welcome feedback from our customers and incorporate user suggestions into our roadmap.

Its core focus is analytics, but there are several features that support relationship management.

Q3 How can @Brandwatch help a social media marketer? Do you have case studies to share to make the benefits a bit clearer?

We constantly publish articles about the benefits and use cases of our platform on our blog.

We actively work with our customers to make their Brandwatch stories public and be a source of inspiration for other clients.

A few common use cases include consumer research, reputation management, campaign tracking & PR and influencer activities.

Lastly, competitor benchmarking allows users to follow and compare the online performance of competitor brands.

Our case studies cover a diverse range of industries and focus on solving challenges. They’re all here.

Yes, absolutely!

The ability to reply, favorite or retweet a mention in the platform or creating author lists on any brands/topics

Yes, that could be a use case. Our location operators and filters would help to focus on a specific location as well.

Yes, tracking competitors is an important use case and the analysis on that can get extremely granular!

The platform tracks share of voice, impressions, sentiment, topics analysis, demographics and much more!

Q4 I see you are putting a huge emphasis on social media conversion analysis. What do you think is the most efficient social media platform in terms of conversions?

It’s vital to understand your audience on each social channel, who they are, when they’re active and what content they like.

Tone of voice, language, copy & CTA can differ significantly from one platform to another and it’s our job to fully grasp that.

As a B2B company, we have noticed that Twitter works particularly well in terms of conversions and it’s a key priority for us. However, depending on the type of business, this can always change for other brands. Facebook seems to work great for B2C.

Q5 As the community manager, you are most likely to be @Brandwatch active user. Could you describe your daily and weekly brand monitoring routine?

I use Brandwatch on a daily basis to track mentions of our brand on social, news sites, forums and blogs

That is exactly how I’ve done it, Ann! ?

I’ve also set up a daily alert, so the first thing I do in the morning is look over the mentions we got over the last 24

Our social team uses the platform to report on share of voice, top influencers, most popular tweets or key topics of convo.

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