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twchat-brian-honigmanWe talk a lot about being productive writer while still being awesome. Today we are chatting with the most productive writer I know, yet all his articles are epic!

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About Brian

Brian Honigman is a content marketing consultant and the CEO of Honigman Media.

He’s a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and others, as well as a frequent speaker on marketing having spoken at UNICEF, NYU, the HuffPost Live, Internet Week and elsewhere.

Questions we discussed

Q1 What is content marketing? What were you doing before it started being called “content marketing”? (No sarcasm intended because we’ve all gone that path!)

Content marketing is when a business creates and distributes content that is of value to their audience. It drives a connection. Content builds a relationship between an audience & your business with the hopes of being able to sell to them down the line.

Trust is key to the whole equation when it comes to content marketing. Before content marketing I was focused on SEO, then social media, but content marketing helps me optimize for both.

Many SEO’s and social folks today fall under the content marketing umbrella. We are all looking to reach our customer base.

Love the use of visuals here. Spot on.

Q2 How many years have you been involved in content creation and marketing? How has content marketing changed over time?

I’ve been a marketer for six plus years now starting in 2009, that’s also when I started blogging first for clients.

Content marketing has been around since the 1800’s, see my article via @sejournal. Yes, it’s certainly become a lot easier to distribute with all the tools and channels available today.

There’s a greater focus today on content marketing because it works to help you stand out amongst the noise. With more marketers using content marketing, there’s certainly more low quality content out there than ever before. It’s essential to ensure you’re creating quality content that drives value to your audience & drives action from them as well.

Dead right Chris! Certain parts of the process CAN be automated but others CAN NOT!

Yes! Doing content for the sake of doing content marketing is garbage, plain and simple.

Q3 What is the anatomy of content that goes viral? Can you predict that the article will go hot?

Content that goes viral has mass appeal and strikes your emotions, but the goal of content marketing shouldn’t be to “go viral.” Content marketing should be focused on solving problems your customers face and educating them to build a relationship.

If your content marketing does go viral, that’s wonderful but that doesn’t mean it’ll impact your bottom line. Focus your content marketing efforts on covering the subjects in the formats that matter most to your audience.

Experimentation is key to finding success with content marketing. As always, great points!

Q4 You are hosting . Could you tell us a bit more about the chat itself as well as your experience as a hots? What would be your suggestion to someone looking to host a Twitter chat?

#InsiderChat is my Twitter chat held on the last Wednesday of every month at 1PM EST on how to do marketing the right way!

Each month I have 2-4 guests on #InsiderChat that are marketing experts and influencers to discuss marketing topics in-depth.

My best tip for those looking to host a Twitter chat is to understand the time commitment needed to maintain it appropriately.

Any tips you could share on hosting a Twitter chat?

Yes! Like anything, most people bail out if it isn’t working but if you stick with it, you can create an awesome chat.

Q5 With so many columns on so prominent blogs (as well as running your own agency), how do you manage your time?

To manage my time, I say no to a lot of opportunities. Read my @entrepreneur piece on saying no.

When it comes to creating lots of quality content at scale, I’m always writing down ideas ahead of time to stay focused. Initially, I focused a lot on guest blogging, but after a few years I’ve scaled back a bit and relied more on syndication. Today, I’m still able to reach thousands of marketers & business owners with content each week, but with less work involved.

Like @seosmarty just said, you’ve got to just experiment with different forms of content to see what works for you. Start now!

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