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twchat-Ryan HanleyPodcasting and video streaming have become hot trends these days. People don’t have time for text content but they are happy to listen to a new podcast episode when commuting!

Today we are talking about podcasting, marketing your podcast and succeeding as a podcaster with Ryan Hanley @RyanHanley_com

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About Ryan

Ryan Hanley VP of Marketing at TrustedChoice.com, keynote speaker and author of Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a podcaster? When did you start your podcast and what was your idea?

Who currently has a podcast now?!

Its so easy these days… New audience potential with Google Play adding podcasts.

I read an article by @ChrisBrogan explaining how cool it was in 2012… I wanted to be cool too! Podcasting has been by far the content medium I’ve created the most reach in…

People can take podcasts with them everywhere they go. You’re in their head. It’s so powerful. I prefer podcasting to video everyday for most types of content.

Q2 How do you find guests for your podcast? How do you manage that process effectively?

What do you guys think about short form podcasts? Like everyday podcasts?

Yes and no. There are a lot of people who only listen to podcasts… Could expand your audience. There is most likely a whole new audience waiting for you.

When starting out it was not harder, but definitely clunky. It takes time to find your groove. Easier to consume…

If you know there is podcast that is great representation of your podcast I’d push them towards that…

I find videos to be much better for explaining things…

I’m awful about effectively managing guests… but finding guests is easy. I just try to schedule out a ways, but I don’t have a great process.

I don’t actually… There used to be some for Hangouts but I’m not sure about podcasts. I probably wouldn’t look at any of those places for guests though, as a podcast producer.

Q3 How to market a podcast? How to get people subscribe and listen?

Marketing a podcast today is all about driving people to iTunes. This may change with Google Play…

I’d also allow people to subscribe via email or RSS… Stitcher, but I’ve found the numbers are so small in comparison.

After that marketing a podcast is much like marketing your blog (i.e. compelling hook, easy access, consistency, CTA)

I’m not sold on soundcloud yet. It has some perks but in general don’t love the stats and UX as a producer. Musicians do very well on @soundcloud… no doubt

If you’re looking to embed podcasts on your site use @patflynn Smart Podcast Player. Its the best

I use @Libsyn to host my podcast. Love it… never had any problems.

RE: #podcastguests First seek out people who you are already familiar with their work… i.e. influencers you follow or friends

This issue is the subscription basis… 90% or more of my listens are from subscribers…

Q4 What are your favorite podcasts in our industry?

The last one isn’t in industry, but it’s HI-Larious!!

One is still on @Blab with @thesaleslion It will be launching in a podcast soon. (I’m so off HOAs after getting on Blab… The tech is so tough vs blab )

The other is in the insurance marketing space for @AgencyNation.

You can build an audience anywhere… Of that I’m certain.

Q5 You wear many hats! How do you manage your time to remain productive?

Prioritization. I also don’t stress about getting everything done.

I get done what can get done and that’s it. Stress destroys creativity.

Haha… maybe I should have said these are my goals… not always achieved. Definitely not Zen master. There is only so much time in the day dude. We do our best and start again tomorrow.

Creativity is really my only skillset. If I let stress diminish that I have nothing to offer…

Don’t overthink podcasting. Turn on the mic and talk. You don’t have to publish everything you create.

Creativity can be organized and productive if you know how it works for you. In my case, starting early and coming back over and over works well.

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