Multi-Author Blog Management Twitter Chat with @_Sians, Editor of @TweakYourBiz #VCBuzz

Multi-Author Blog Management Twitter Chat with @_Sians, Editor of @TweakYourBiz #VCBuzzMulti-author blog management is an art and challenge: You have to constantly engage and reward your contributors to encourage them to come up with better and better content.

How do you create and manage a multi-author blog? This is something we are talking about today!

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About Sian Phillips

Sian Phillips is the Managing Editor of and Content Editor for plus a proofreader for anyone that writes and needs her help. She’s also an accountant for her various clients.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 For how long have you been managing @TweakYourBiz editorial? What’s your career path?

I have been the Managing Editor of @TweakYourBiz since Oct 2012 though I wrote for them from the beginning since 2009.

I also became the Content Editor of @EggMarketing in Oct 2014 and I edit and proofread for other clients too.

My career is split as I’m an accountant originally. Since becoming an editor I am doing more of that & proofreading which I love.

I don’t write much myself lately as most of my time is spent editing. We accept posts to @tweakyourbiz and @eggmarketing though.

I’m told it’s the accountant in me that is so precise in the editing ?

Q2 What are @TweakYourBiz editorial standards? How do you encourage contributors to stick to it without hurting anyone’s ego?

We have a high standard for good writing at @TweakYourBiz. If I have to edit for more than 15 mins then it’s put back to draft.

On @TweakYourBiz we have a style sheet to guide people to the formatting and style we prefer.

I do a lot of emailing re what we require though my post about keeping the editor happy has helped. I struggle to understand how someone would want to write bad copy – it’s your name against it after all.

On @tweakyourbiz they come on their own – we have 100’s. Building up @Eggmarketing pool at the moment.

Q3 What are the biggest mistakes you saw contributors making?

Biggest mistake I see is they don’t read the guidelines so they are writing blind from the start. Another mistake is some writers don’t take into account changes I’ve made to improve their post when writing another for us.

A big no no for me is when writers try to sneak affiliate or advertorial links into their post – as if I won’t see them.

To apply to write for @EggMarketing it’s here. And here for @TweakYourBiz.

I prefer not to use any types of links like that as it’s confusing for other writers who don’t see the no-follow.

Q4 How to write an irresistible article for your editors to love you? Which efforts do you most appreciate as an editor?

  • Read and take note of our guidelines & style sheet. Learn from the changes I’ve previously made. Copy the same format.
  • Fill out the Yoast SEO until it gives you a green light. You’d be amazed how many SEO people skip that bit.
  • Share, Share, Share your post. Not just the once and not just on one social media site.
  • Reply to comments on your post. It’s rude to ignore people plus it will help with the traction of the post.

I find that @Disqus works well as long as you keep an eye on it.

Q5 What tools would you recommend blog editors use? What tools make your life easier?

As mentioned already, Yoast SEO plugin is brilliant – it talks you through what is needed to improve the SEO on your post.

Grammarly is handy although not completely reliable. Good old Spellcheck on Word is also useful. Human eye is best though.

For social sharing on @TweakYourBiz we use @Socialoomph which I find really great for easy set-up and scheduled sharing.

On @EggMarketing we use @Hootsuite which is also handy for sharing across multi-channels at the same time or scheduling.

I use a simple Google calendar so I can keep on top of dates I’m scheduled up to. Eg. I’m on hols next week so planning ahead.

Currently I only use it for twitter but I craft the tweets myself and you can amend them.

We ask all authors to promote their content and remind them when their post is published. Most do. I think when they see us actively sharing their content it bucks up the author too.

Q6 When dealing with multiple authors, how to keep yourself accountable and productive? What’s your productivity routine?

Currently we publish 3 posts a day on @TweakYourBiz and I always try to schedule the posts a week in advance. Posts are submitted daily by guest authors so I go through them all choosing which to publish that week.

It’s only me doing this on @TweakYourBiz so I have to be accountable and productive or the site will be empty some days.

I’m only talking about the editing and social sharing – there is a tech team behind it all.

On @EggMarketing I have my trusted friend and colleague, Susan Payton, to answer to. She doesn’t like me calling her boss.

Touch wood, no sick leave yet though co-founder @NiallDevitt will step in. For holidays I prep in advance mostly.  There is the back-up team of the CEO @anitacampbell if needed too. ?

Also on @eggmarketing we schedule a month ahead mostly so that’s always covered.

I think if you have the right processes in place and being organised it can run smoothly … most of the time ?

Most definitely!

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