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Now let’s introduce our mentor!

About Aleyda

Aleyda Solis @aleyda specializes in international and mobile SEO consultancy. She is the founder of Spain-based @Orainti (Aleyda is our second European SEO guest after @gfiorelli1 and third @Moz associate after, again, @gfiorelli1 and Melissa Fach @seoaware)

Aleyda is also the co-founder of the social media influence analytics tool called @Tribalytics which I am happily beta-testing ?

Aleyda is one of the best-known ladies on our industry!

Questions we discussed

Q1 Why and how did you start in SEO? How did you become internationally known?

I started in SEO when I joined @intadvantage, an online marketing agency in 2007. There I had the great opportunity to learn. First I was an SEO consultant, and then I got the opportunity to grow in the company to be the SEO & Social department manager. After a while I also started first to attend and then to speak at SEO conferences, in Spain and later Internationally! I became more known by attending / speaking at conferences and also blogging, first in Spanish and then in English.

Q2 How did you become @Moz associate? How did it affect your SEO career? Who’s your favorite @Moz’zer? ?

It was thanks to @gfiorelli1 suggesting it to @jennita, who gave me the opportunity. Unfortunately in the latest times I had so much in my hands that I hadn’t been able to be so much active but now I’m again posting & answering more often, which I love.

About how it affected my SEO career: very positively of course! I got much more exposure from the US audience (I was already known in Spain and Europe but the opportunity to blog for Moz, and also, speak at MozCon gave me more visibility there!

My favorite Mozzer would be @jennita who I met in 2010 in Spain. I really respect her professionally and personally ? @jennita has trusted and gave me the opportunity to collaborate as a Moz associate and I’m very thankful for that.

Q3 You have a powerful personal brand in the SEO industry. What’s your advice on getting known as an expert in your niche? How to become an influencer?

To deliver value to your community! The best way to promote yourself and establish as an influencer or authority in your niche is to share your knowledge, content, support, etc. with your audience and industry. Tweeting, blogging and speaking played a major role in my case ? Allowed me not only to become better known but also meet and connect with amazing people from who I have also learned and have at some point supported be too ? So I really believe it builds value in all possible ways.

Q4 Talking about influence, please tell us the story behind @Tribalytics? How did you get involved in it?

I met @me_bx who gave me the great opportunity to collaborate with him in the project. He had been working for it so hard for the last year from a developing perspective and it was time to market it ? So it made sense to look for someone to help. @tribalytics helps with an issue, that as an SEO is very close to me: look for influencers in a straightforward and efficient way which can be very valuable for outreach not only for link building, but also, PR, community management, social media, etc. It also profiles the different communities that are part of your audience, so you can better target your efforts and this can be also super useful to develop personas too ?

Q5 How to measure one’s social media influence? How do you report it to the clients if you are providing a social media service? How could @Tribalytics help in identifying and reaching out to niche influencers?

It’s about identifying who are those “connectors” within your audience, people who’s not only better connected with your audience but also have a higher than normal reach with their content or actions, generating a response from your audience. This allows you to identify these “influencers” that are really targeted to you! @Tribalytics also can do this not only with your own account but also those of your competitors. So you can also analyze who are those influencers engaging them & not you and allows you to follow them, add them to list, download a list of them, etc. so you can take the appropriate actions ?

Q6 Traditionally, our common question: Doing so many things, how do you manage your time?

I’m far from being a great example since I tend to “bite more than I can chew” which ends up meaning working during nights or on the go, as I travel a lot due to work too. It’s difficult but at some point you need to prioritize and learn to say no and delegate (if you can) or balance which has the higher impact to focus your strengths on what matters the most to you ?

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