Marketing Effectiveness Twitter Chat w/ Nancy Seeger @SeegerN #VCBuzz

Marketing Effectiveness Twitter Chat w/ Nancy Seeger @SeegerN #VCBuzzHow effective is your marketing? There’s no way you can answer “effective enough”! There’s always a room to improve your process and results.

Today we are chatting with the marketing effectiveness marketing expert Nancy Seeger @SeegerN

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About Nancy

Nancy Seeger @SeegerN  is the marketing effectiveness consultant and founder of Seeger Consulting Inc.

Nancy is a master strategist when it comes to streamlining operations and maintaining high levels of productivity and she realized that her skill set was the solution these businesses need.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How do you define marketing effectiveness? What do you do?

Measure your activities. Assess first: then act. Helping businesses asses and then market for their specific prospects is key. Measure based on the goals you have set. If it is leads, then measure leads. Set the goals for campaigns. Must be specific to the goals. Twitter works for some and networking for others. No one lead gen works for everything!

You must approach the activity with the end in mind and then measure to keep it on track. The effectiveness of your business marketing is defined by your goals and are you achieving them.

Q2 Online business is cluttered and always changing… What’s your effective marketing advice when it comes to Internet marketing?

Q3 What’s your favorite project management platform and why?

@centraldesktop is simple to use, has all the features I want including a wiki.

Buzzers – how many of you use project management tools?

Absolutely – even desktop is spreadsheet based.

Trello is a great visual tool for those that like it. Do you use a Wiki some where else?

Asana is also free. Zoho has lots of options. I also have clients that just use Google docs.

I agree. I have tried Trello and I love the visual layout.

Q4 Please list your favorite tools you usually recommend businesses to help them scale and improve their marketing efforts!

@Infusionsoft, @hootsuite, and @commun_it are my favorite tools to scale marketing efforts.

The full list of tools I use and recommend are here.

I love @Mention. Great tool. Scrapple is one I will have to check out.

Q5 What’s your favorite personal productivity tip? How to get more done?

  • I use a timer for each activity. 55 minutes work, 5 minutes moving. Next project.
  • Prioritize every project based on its effects on revenue and effort required to complete.
  • Make decisions quickly- use the 4 questions at

True but don’t some of the higher paying ones also take a lot of time to produce?

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