Make Money Blogging Twitter Chat with John Paul Aguiar @JohnAguiar #VCBuzz

Make Money Blogging Twitter Chat with John Paul Aguiar @JohnAguiar #VCBuzzMonetizing your content is art and a huge challenge. There’s no tactic that would work for anyone but there are smart people to learn from!

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About John

John Paul Aguiar is founder of Money Dummy blog.

John Paul’s journey to Internet Success started in 2001 when he was told he would need a kidney transplant and would be put on disability.

John Paul was forced to look for ways to make money. That’s when he found the Internet.

John Paul brings a personal approach to the tips and advice he shares with a touch of humor to make learning less stressful.

Questions we are discussing now

Q1 What was your by far the most successful make-money-online method?

I’d say promoting affiliate products/services, I can write a post or video once & have sales come in for months, even years.

Choose what I like to use mainly, and make sure the service or products very targeted to my readers and audience.

Q2 How has online money-making changed over time? What’s your preferred way to monetize your blog today?

Has changed a lot, today it’s much harder to get away with selling crap products. The market is smarter today, so you have to come with real quality, value to make the sale. Today, it’s with consulting. Helping people one on one reach their goals is a beautiful thing, and that motivates me.

Price point, makes me at least $20 a sale.. quality, helpful , targeted. The more targeted to your audience the better chance you have of making sales.

Great way to make some money with no backend responsibility!

Q3 Do you have any “passive income” success stories and tips?

I don’t believe anything online is really passive, but as close to that I would say the affiliate marketing.

You can write a blog post or video, get it ranked on Google and be making sales for months even years.

One affiliate product I did a post for ranked top 3 for 3 years, that product made me from $90 to $400 per month.

Usually done through a review post or video.. link to that content first.. then link to service. Sending people to a post will usually do better than direct link to sales page, especially on SM.

Get people from a review to your email optin, get them into a funnel of about 3-5 emails BEFORE you ask for a sale. OR post to optin to funnel to sale 3-5 emails later.

Once post is written, send to your email, send to SM.. get it ranked with SEO. If you have a good blog following, then doing a review post will work best.

You now have 3 pieces of content to share across SM and to get ranked on Google… giving you more chances to make sales!

Q4 How does social media help make money online?

Social media helps you connect, engage and build relationships with people, making it easier for them to know you and trust you.

You then share content, if your content is good/helpful it will drive traffic to your blog. And if that traffic visits enough and you are helpful enough, you will then make sales.

Pretty strongly.. email is everything for a blogger.

Will never happen, more like the other way around!

Either or wont kill one… I feel SM will kill itself. It is more media then social and in time, 5 years, SM will be as useful as TV commercials

Careful when running affiliate program … you want to NOT saturate the market. Having too many affiliates of  low quality will drop the perceived value of YOUR service.

Consulting, but takes more time.

Q5 I know you do lots of tool reviews. What are your favorite tools that can help bloggers make money?

First, if bloggers want to make money, write better content, targeted content & deliver that content to the RIGHT people.

Top tools for me, would be

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