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twchat-lukaszzeleznyLinkedin is a great platform for business networking. We have already discussed it previously with Brian Hughes and we have more tips to share today!

Let’s welcome our mentor @LukaszZelezny

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About Lukasz

Lukasz Zelezny is conference speaker, head of organic search department at @uSwitchUK, SEO, PPC and Social Media geek and traveler. Lukasz is also @DeeJayDelta Producer!

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Questions we discussed

Q1 @LukaszZelezny, our traditional question: How did you get into SEO?

In late 90’s I become a DJ (a drum and bass). I had a website. To play a gig I had to find a way to make people know about me. I went into SEO and started to rank on keyword “drum and bass”.  There were not many sources to read. Especially in Polish language. But everyone got crazy about Pagerank. I had PR=4 ?

Q2 Why Linkedin publishing? There are more long-form posting options nowadays (Quora blogs, Medium, etc). Are you considering those?

Wide spectrum of personas. I have my co-workers, ex-co-workers, potential customers, other SEOs experts. I can write for everyone or for selected group of people. Depends on topic and content of article. And finally @Linkedin / @LinkedinPulse is the loveliest social media platform. Simply, honest, and works in China ?

Yes. I was speaking in Shanghai last year at @ClickzLive (SES) conference. @Linkedin is a great way to stay in touch.

I’m in London. Yes I am trying to speak in different parts of the world. Last year was busy. Including Indonesia and China.

Q3 Your articles on Linkedin do awesome! What’s the secret?

I am following couple of rules.

  • I am getting high quality illustrations on stock photos websites.
  • I am trying to keep articles 1000+ words length. Avoiding jargon, keeping listicles (top5, top10, top20).
  • Generating title with @Hubspot title generator.
  • And then 3-4 time more than I spend writing, I am promoting my article.

Promotion: I’m using platform called @ViralContentBuz (have you guys heard about?) ? Also @Hootsuite & @BuzzSumo to find related

Q4 You are a very valued user of Viral Content Buzz. Could you give us your feedback? What’s your experience? Also, you mentioned us a few times (Thanks!) Please share those links!

Here is @SEMRush webinar I gave in December.

I also mentioned Viral Content Buzz on couple of conferences and workshops.

Next one is in London with @Monkfeet (Join pls if you #Lonodn based!)

My feedback is that Viral Content Buzz is an amazing tool. And its strength is behind the people like you guys. Here is so many people on chat I know almost all Avatars and twitter screen names. This is how strong community we are. Especially @EP_pturner who I know long time @BrianHughes116 who I had interview with, @AnnSmarty of course who I remember since #MBG ?

Q5 With so many activities and hobbies, how do you manage to get organized to get things done?

I have my SEO world, also Music composing, Blogging and Travel (I seriously love UK trains!). I am little food geek too ?

Going sleep 3:30 am, waking up around 8:30 checking emails / twitter / Linkedin in @uberUK on the way to office ? #ThisIsLondon

It’s exactly like that. I read Leonardo Da Vinci was sleeping 5 hours every day whole his life.


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