Let’s Write Awesome Content: Twitter Chat with David Leonhardt @amabaie #VCBuzz

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Now, let’s welcome our mentor: David Leonhardt

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About David

David is a professional writer and search engine optimizer at SEO writer and THGM.

He and his team write blogs, books, press releases and speeches.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 David, when and how did you get into Internet Marketing?

I’ve been at internet marketing for a decade. I just fell into it by accident. I was promoting a book, and I discovered I was good at SEO. SEO has changes just a bit since then. People started asking for help, and I just kind of became a consultant.

Q2 How to write a really good article? What are the components?

I did up a list at seo-writer.com of what makes a good piece of content. The single most important element in a good article is an original idea, or an original angle. Never mind Copyscape. If the ideas are not original, it’s just another article. Write like you would talk, but use good English. Don’t try to impress with big words. I wrote about that here.  Include an image that tells part of the story Images draw people in.

Q3 Your titles always stand out! How do you create catchy and memorable titles?

I have a few guidelines for strong titles, and I *usually* try to follow them. 3 DOs and 1 MAYBE.

There is no one rule, but I find these guidelines steer me in the right direction most of the time. I do sometimes break my own guidelines. I hope I’m not the only one.

Q4 Where do you find inspiration for your articles?

Inspiration is everywhere! I get inspiration all over the place, but I have two favorite sources. I get inspiration from commenting on other blogs. I leave a comment and realize that I could write a lot more than that. I get inspiration from comments on various blogs. The comments people leave are hints for great new topics.

I get inspiration from comments on various blogs. The comments people leave are hints for great new topics. If you read what other people are interested in, and you also are interested, that’s a golden topic. Comments people leave on social media are also great hints about what would interest your readers.

If you have kids, listen to what they say. Simple things in real life often offer lessons for whatever your niche is.

Amaze them consistently. What I said about original ideas – they won’t read anywhere else.

Q5 I see your THGM articles all the time at @ViralContentB uz. How much do you really write daily? What are your writing productivity tips are?

That’s a bit of an illusion. I am an inspired writer, but sadly I am not a productive writer. It’s not my priority. You see my articles on @ViralContentBuz a lot because I promote each article. VCB is one of my favorite ways to spread the word. I checked yesterday and VCB is my 4th biggest referrer over the past 2 months.

I choose to write less, but promote hard anything I publish. I also choose to spend a lot of time getting an article just right, rather than writing more articles. So for me #1 is article quality, #2 is promotion, and #999 is publishing frequency.

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