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twchat-brianQuick head-ups: We had a great Twitter chat on content re-marketing with some great insight by @kevmassey of sixtymarketing.com (who is also VCB user!). Check it out

Now, to today’s topic!

We are going to chat about Linkedin and how to make the most of it! Brian Hughes @BrianHughes116 is kind enough to help us!

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About Brian

Brian is the Founder @IntegrityMCSEO and excited entrepreneur. Brian also contributes to @SocialMedia2day on a regular basis. You can see his column here.

Please connect to Brian on Linkedin and Twitter @BrianHughes116

Questions we discussed

Brian, your project made the list of #VCBuzz most shared ones… It’s called Five Benefits of Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business and Your Career – so let’s talk Linkedin today?

Q1 When and how did you start on Linkedin?

I’ve been member since June 29, 2011. A friend that I worked with turned me on to Linkedin & said it would help my career.

Q2 Don’t we have enough networks? What makes Linkedin different?

To be honest, Linkedin doesn’t really have sex appeal. Different audience than the usual social audience. Yes, there are a lot of social networks but I believe any working person should have a Linkedin account and be active. A well maintained Linkedin account can attract leads, employers, employees, vendors and partners. What I like about Linkedin is it’s geared for business and not socializing. It’s main objective is to show off your attributes, achievements, skills, experience and accolades in the business world.

Linkedin shows people relevant to the information you input on your profile when logged in. Linkedin shows who viewed your profile making it easy to mine leads. You can search for people based on advanced criteria such as company name, location, profession and more. Company pages are a great to use as well of course.

My LinkedIn Network 1,514 Connections 13,596,671 Professionals in your Network, That’s a killer audience!

Q3 When was your aha moment with Linkedin? Please share your most unexpected success story there

It really happened in December 2013 when my friend hassled me for not putting more into my Linkedin account. He laughed at me for only having around 250 connections and half the amount of endorsements that I have now. I’m very competitive so I told him I will leave him in the dust with my Linkedin profile. It was on and it was one of my new year’s resolutions. And I left that friend in the dust! Over 1500 connections and triple the endorsements.

My Linkedin account recently attracted an inbound lead to consult a company that owns 6 radio stations. My Linkedin account also helped land one my largest clients I have presently.

Q4 Best Linkedin features you are using more often than others? Any tools?

The advanced search feature on Linkedin is awesome and I use it often to prospect relevant connections. I use the *add a link or upload file* feature a lot to help make my profile stand out Linkedin. It really adds character. I use the “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” feature on Linkedin to monitor how well my posts are doing. Linkedin also has a feature that shows you relevant employment opportunities. Employers can also post jobs

Q5 To me personally, Linkedin is more a career building tool. I’ve never been able to make it work for content marketing (no one seems to be interesting in reading or sharing there). Have you? If so please help me: HOW?

I use Linkedin more for networking than I do content marketing. I do have some success with getting content exposure on Linkedin but I prefer other social networks for content marketing. It helps to know the best times to post content on Linkedin which is 7:00 am to 10:00 am. It helps to also post frequently.

Q6 Linkedin has recently launched “Influencer Blogs” feature… Are you in / planning to try it in the future?

I created an account last night! I had not had the time to pursue it but I just applied for early access to the Linkedin publishing platform yesterday. I’m excited to see if I get accepted and the results if I do. It would also mean more writing, yay!

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