How to Market a Book with @SusanGilbert #VCBuzz

How to Market a Book with @SusanGilbert #VCBuzzWriting a book is many people’s dream. But what does it take? Let’s learn more about book marketing process!

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About Susan

.@SusanGilbert is an online marketing maniac, bestselling author, and eHow video contributor who’s been working online since 1999.

Susan has written three books (soon to be four):

Questions we discussed

Q1 What inspired you to write your first book?

This came from a desire to follow my heart in business and life.

It’s important to write from your heart.

Moving from San Diego to Washington State and starting a new career in marketing.

Q2 Self-publishing or traditional publishing? Pros and cons?

Self means you need professional support – traditional is already built in. Harder to get traditional than self.

There’s still a strong market for self-publishing, especially with new mobile technology helping build a buzz.

I recommend starting with self publishing then moving into print. I recommend starting with Createspace – easy to use with good support for new authors.

All great resources – thank you for sharing these ?

Q3 Paperback or Kindle? Pros and cons?

I recommend both for building influence – if you have paperback you need a digital  compliment.

It’s also great for offline events @chevd80 – great point!

It depends on your niche/genre – if you want to build a name and brand then yes indeed.

Q4 How to promote your book? What has worked best for you?

A great website – active #sm interactions & activity – Pinterest is great for authors.

Those are great!

Q5 Your favorite tools to help book authors?

I highly recommend Goodreads, to network with other authors and also getting into niche Google Plus and FB Groups.

Bookbaby is a great resource for both print and digital. Goodreads is great for printed books.

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