How to Make the Most Facebook Insights w/ @TerezaLitsa #VCBuzz

How to Make the Most Facebook Insights w/ @TerezaLitsa #VCBuzzFacebook is a marketing platform businesses cannot ignore: It’s huge, it beats any other social media network when it comes to the effectiveness of its ads and your competitors are probably already there.

Facebook offers a robust marketing and analytics solution called Facebook Insights. It’s a shame not many marketers take the full advantage of it. Today we’ll try to change that.

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About Tereza

Tereza Litsa @TerezaLitsa is social media manager @Lightful.

Tereza loves blending social media and content and it’s always exciting keeping up with the latest trends in content marketing.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I was always passionate about content and digital technologies. So the combination of these two led me to digital marketing. I really enjoy keeping up with the latest trends, as challenging as this can be! 🙂

Q2 What are the first steps a business (manager) should take to better understand how to use Facebook Insights?

Facebook Insights allow you to explore the performance of your Page and your Posts. They can help you learn more about your followers and which content types work better.

Start spending time on Insights to understand all the metrics. Explore all of them and discover which ones make more sense for your business. Focus on what matters and start measuring your Page’s performance.

That’s true, Josh!

I’d say it depends on your goals. If you focus more on the awareness, you’ll pay more attention to the reach for example, but it’s also important to monitor the engagement and how your audience reacts to your content.

Q3 After the most recent Facebook algorithm change, how can business adapt?

Facebook wants you to focus more on the engagement. Blend organic and paid activities to reach your target audience. Favour quality over quantity. And don’t forget to get creative with video content!

Exactly, likes or the number of followers don’t tell the right story comparing to the engagement 🙂

It can help to boost your most engaging content, provided that it’s still part of your strategy. It’s better to boost the content that’s more engagement to make sure you use your budget wisely.

A closer look at data can help you optimise your social strategy. You can create more successful campaigns that are meaningful and drive actions.

Q4 Other than ads, are there any other marketing goals Facebook Insights can help with?

Facebook Insights can help you learn more about your followers. You can understand their habits, their reactions to your content. You can create a more successful marketing strategy by focusing on analytics.

Q5 What are your favorite Facebook marketing tools?

I’d love to hear everyone’s favourite #Facebook marketing tools. It’s great testing new ones!

I love trying out new tools but my favourite ones the past year, especially when combined, are @quintly, @Buzzumo, @CoSchedule, @Brand24, @Hubspot, and of course, @Lightful’s social media platform.

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