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About Roxana

Our VCBees are likely to already know Roxana. She was our guest a couple of years ago (time flies!) teaching us how to build a successful freelancing career.

Roxana Nasoi is founder at SERPlified. She is based in Bucharest, Romania.

Questions we discussed

Q1 Please let us know how your life has changed since 2015! How has been your freelancing career doing? What’s new?

Wow, time really flies, doesn’t it? In the past 2yrs I’ve rediscovered my potential.

I learned to let go of teams and startup dreams that didn’t work out.  But letting go also gave me clarity on what to focus on. And I’ve been building my own network, solo, since spring 2016.

My freelancing career has been great. As always, freelancing is a safe haven for me when I need time off from “being the boss”.

I’m currently working with freelancers and building the digital agency behind @serplified. It’s quite the adventure. I’ve also been traveling a lot more and connecting with people throughout Europe and the US.

Hope to someday meet each & every one of you. 🙂

Q2 What was your most shared article ever and what do you think accounted for its success?

Well, there were a few, but the best one now counts over 85,000 shares, on @lifehackorg. This one.

*Note, we’re discussing organic not viral. This had about 5,000 shares in the first month, and then escalated.

I think the topic was spot on. Solopreneurship – which in my vocabulary is a mix of freelancing + business ownership = hot topic. It’s important to combine expertise with hands-on experience. I think I understand anyone who’s going through the same ordeals.

These were real problems solo-entrepreneurs had: networking, selling, lifestyle management, work-life management, etc.

The next business idea and how to stay connected with the people that matter keep me up at night

Q3 From start to finish, what’s your process ensuring your article will get a lot social media shares?

The way I voice it. Visuals. Evergreen content. Solution-oriented approach.

Appeal to multiple audiences. Asking for help. Generating value. I’ll explain.

The voice counts. My dissertation thesis tested the occupational fatigue among freelancers.This has been under my radar for years. Active listening on social media helped me identify other issues.

The visuals also count. Great content deserves great visuals (infographics, gifs, videos, vines, images). In this particular case, I found a great infographic to go with my article.

Evergreen content. Yeah, the title says 2016, but the content says “anytime” type of issues addressed. Don’t be afraid to take note on occurring aspects.

Solution oriented approach. People will always share content that offers solutions to their problems. Write for people.

Multiple audiences. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, employees, startups, solopreneurs. Students. My article topic in this case worked for any human being, to be honest.

Ask for help. I have friends online. So I didn’t shy away from asking for help in sharing the article. Having connections in over 60 countries worldwide can definitely make the difference.  I have a h2h (human-to-human) approach with people I see as influencers in their niches. And I will ask for their help in spreading the word. I’d also place an open invitation to connect, and discuss the article. I’ve received great followup thanks to that.

It’s all about the value. I like making people’s lives easier. Telling them they’re not alone in this, and showing them a way out can make a difference. When you’re writing for a publication with millions of visitors/month, 100/1000 first shares fast will get you on homepage from homepage features >> newsletter. From there, the magic happens.

Main findings (2013) there’s work related fatigue and there’s mental fatigue. Found among freelancers too.

Mine generated 85,000 shares without a Click to Tweet. 🙂 I do have it for my personal blog.

Q4 Do you ever promote old content? Do you have a process for that too?

I’m very careful with what type of old content I promote. I would never promote something that is outdated.

But most of my articles are “ever-green” in-depth ones. And I do enjoy reading old valuable content by others too.

My process: I set up a personal @trello board, to keep track of my best articles, and reshare them, ask people to share them. It also helps me get inspired, and visualize my own progress/evolution/influence.

I love data, and numbers, so this helps me understand my own style better. Having a dedicated space for old content (list, or board, or folder) makes it easier to link to old content from fresh content.

I constantly use my own best old content to re-validate ideas. Call it the “FB memories” of a marketer. Same principle. Of course, blogger outreach and friends outreach to help re-use old content and generate new links, new shares.

Lately, I’m preparing videos for my Instagram businesses based on successful old content. It’s like you have a script at hand.

Extra tip: Use Insta Stories to tell people where they can access your old content. Or fresh one, for that matter. I occasionally do that for my @serplified business.

Also, old content can become newsletter content for your email subscribers. Or group updates for your social media groups.

Any type of content works. Text. Video. Image. Audio. 🙂

Q5 And our favorite part: Your favorite social media marketing tools! Also, were there any new tools coming up you checked yesterday or plan to give a try soon?

There are many apps I enjoy using. @MavSocial, @vcbuzz. Built-in scheduling.

But there are two apps I really enjoy using lately: @VoiceStorm for teams, and @DrumUpio.

@VoiceStorm is a great remote team app that allows you to build your own “sharing environment” through gamification principles. Also brings the whole team together in their sharing efforts.

@DrumUpio has a good “AI” type of function that gives suggestions of what’s hot, or sharing suggestions based on keyword. I will always make time, independent of how busy I am, to go out and hunt for hot topics.

And Manual search. And inter-connecting my social accounts. Manual search also helps me solidify my connections with other people on social media.

And Instagram has really got me this year, to be honest.

Oh and lately, I’m loving Telegram as a way to connect and share content on Instagram. And Instagram DM groups. Loving those, had some solid friendships created as a result.

I believe you can’t use one tool for all purposes. Each SM platform has its needs and requirements.

SM apps like Instagram and Snapchat need manual marketing, not automation. 🙂

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