How to Create More Useful Content with Maureen Jann @NeoLuxeMo #vcbuzz

Content marketing is extremely diverse: There are lots of tactics, tools and tricks, and there is not a single thing that would work for just about anyone.

You have to develop your own process and style, and today’s lesson may help you get inspired.

Here you go: How to create useful content.

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About Maureen Jann @NeoLuxeMo

Maureen Jann @NeoLuxeMo has 18 years of marketing experience focusing on building marketing infrastructure, telling brand stories, and driving leads.

She is co-conspirator and chief marketing strategist @NeoluxeMktg

Connect to Maureen Jann on Linkedin here.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I started out as a graphic designer. Turns out that wasn’t for me. I needed something that gave me more control and more data!

After doing a little bit of everything over 15 years or so, I was found myself running a marketing department and then another. It turned out that leadership and marketing strategy was my jam.

After the companies I was working for were sold, I went out on my own. Now I’m partnered up with @CraftWrites at @neoluxemktg!

Q2 How do you define “useful” content? What is it?

Useful content is content that acts as a tool for those it’s written for. It’s about giving the consumer of said content a leg up that helps them accomplish their goals.

When something is useful, it has a clear use. So people who create useful content know exactly how it can turn the bolt or twist the screw to help further the customer’s journey through the funnel.

Exactly. And you should know that audience so well and understand the challenges they face so clearly that useful content that answers their critical questions is the default.

Q3 How do you measure the “usefulness” of your content? Why is it a good idea to create useful content?

Measuring usefulness can often be tied to attribution. If a customer is making decisions to go deeper into your content because they found something useful and ultimately convert, then you’re winning.

Why create useful content? I think the real question is why would you spend time, energy, and resources to create content that doesn’t help solve your customer’s challenges?

Q4 So how exactly can we create more useful content?

The first thing I recommend to my clients is to go spend real time with their customers. Get to know their personal and professional challenges, see where your brand overlaps with them and get after it!

Also, make sure you’re experimenting with methods of delivery. From video to articles, to audio content, experiment to see what us the most USEFUL to them!

Q5 What are your favorite content marketing tools?

I love a good content matrix. Y Axis can be your personas, X axis can be industry challenges. Use each cell as an opportunity to answer their questions in a way that is specific to their role and circumstance.

I also love a good content calendar. We use Google sheets to create quarterly themes and monthly deep dives to help our clients methodically plot out pillar content.

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