How to Create Content Marketing Interviews with Tara M. Clapper @irishtara #VCBuzz

How to Create Content Marketing Interviews with Tara M. Clapper @irishtara #VCBuzzDoing interviews with niche influencers is a great way to promote your site, but not many publishers can still do that right. Today we’ll learn some tricks: Interviews as a powerful content marketing tactic!

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About Tara

Tara M. Clapper @irishtara is content development specialist at @ExpWriters and senior editor at @RollForGeekInit. A veteran of digital publishing in the Philadelphia area, she’s worked with A Better World, hibu, Taylor & Francis, and Xlibris.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a content marketer? Please tell us your career story?

I started in the publishing industry straight out of college in ’03, then moved into copywriting & marketing.

Publishing was in an interesting place – transitioning from print to digital. Marketing was doing the same.

A lot of it involved full time freelancing and adapting to SEO / growing as Google did.

Q2 How do content marketing interviews work?

2 kinds:

  1. Interviewing client to help them find an tell their story;
  2. Interviewing an expert for a feature/roundup

In both types, the objective is really to discover that person’s story and share it (or help them share it).

At @ExpWriters, I cowrote a piece with my colleague Hannah all about content marketing interviews.

Yes! I try to find out about their business, story goals, target audience, & USP so I can help them meet their goals.

At @ExpWriters we aren’t trying to ‘sell’ clients – we want to match them with content that best fits their needs.

Q3 How to find best guests for your content marketing interviews?

Tons of #Networking. Which influencer do I want to know better? That’s a good guiding q. @BuzzSumo is also helpful.

If it’s going on @ExpWriters blog or @RollForGeekInit, who benefits from our audience & vice versa? Consider audience.

Q4 Please share some interviewing tips: How to steer the interview into most interesting angles?

Do your research and ask something that hasn’t been asked before, like this.

Ask for help. I was not a cornerstone content experts, so I asked @yoast for help!

A good interview is also more like a conversation. If conversation goes somewhere interesting, ask a follow up questions.

Q5 Are using any writing productivity tools? Please share your favorite productivity tips!

I use Zenwriter to minimize distractions. I chat often w/ @JuliaEMcCoy & team about topics for inspiration.

I also use AnswerThePublic, @SEMrush, & @BuzzSumo to find ideal topics an keywords.

Nothing substitutes passion for a topic. Passion drives the best research and I find it combats laziness/burnout.

Does anyone else pause heavy research pieces to do some creative writing to get the creative juices flowing? I do!

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