How to Create a Successful Digital PR Campaign with @ShawnPaulWood #VCBuzz

How to Create a Successful Digital PR Campaign with @ShawnPaulWood #VCBuzzPublic relations have changed dramatically since the birth of the Internet and social media.

What are the recent trends to apply and what’s the future to get prepared for? Let’s discuss!

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About @ShawnPaulWood

@ShawnPaulWood has been working with advertising and public relations agencies for 15 years. His background is in radio and news.

Today, as founder and Chief Carpenter of Woodworks Communications, Shawn’s goal is to provide companies and causes with an integrated platform and an energized digital campaigns.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I’ve been in this long enough to remember working with faxes, dialing with landlines, and researching with Encyclopedias. To make my career work, I never sacrificed evolution.

From traditional to social, and all things digital, the blueprint was simple — great content = great business. It’s the circle of life.

So, I did a cannonball into the deep end of algorithms and learned how was forcing us to become better content developers.

Q2 You’ve been involved in public relationships business for many years (even back when you were a radio host)… What were the biggest changes in the business you saw happen?

To me, ‘s market share wasn’t a surprise. Really, its leadership and ingenuity was. Big data blazed the trail and we ran after it.

Clients demand more for their dollar, which is why it’s crucial to build relationships… and sustain it with better content, platforms, and overall work.

Q3 Keeping all the changes in mind, how to set up a successful digital PR campaign these days?

“SMART” KPIs. Goals are great but without metrics to prove growth, clients have nothing to hang their hat on. They need to visualize your work to experience theirs.

Another thing is “Know Your Audience.” It’s cliche but often misunderstood. They tell you what they need. Your content should match it for relevance and reach.

Q4 What’s the future of digital PR and how to get ready for it?

Great question (because there’s so much to say). The future is the present — Content. Understanding how to write for the Web is paramount (Ideas AND Algorithms).

Q5 What are your favorite digital marketing tools you can recommend?

I dig (and use): GA, @Moz, @Trello, @HubSpot, @Canva, @Feedly, @Buffer or @Hootsuite, and my dudes at @Brandwatch.

And please feel free to add to that list of #digitalmarketing tools. There are so many out there.

And this is why great chats like this works. I’ve learned two great things today and followed a few more. Love it!

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