How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Team with @KayleighToyra #vcbuzz

How to Build a Successful Content Marketing Team with @KayleighToyra #vcbuzzWhatever you do, your team is your key to success. You can’t do everything by yourself.

It is especially true for content marketing which is becoming increasingly fragmented and harder to scale.

Let’s see how we can build a good content team!

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About Kayleigh

@KayleighToyra is the Creative Director at @SeekerDigital

She is multilingual writer and content marketer specializing in search and outreach.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a content marketer? Please share your career story!

I ended up in digital after doing a Masters in English Lit. I literally went from Shakespeare to SEO! Totally by chance, I fell in love with content on the way 😉

I started as a Digital Copywriter, then left to found my own agency where I still write, but I now also manage a team of writers & marketers. We specialise in commerce & SaaS and have grown loads in 3 years.

I love the diverse nature of content marketing and all the new channels, but I’m also still a massive fan of blogging and tutorial content. I love writing and wordplay, so written content appeals to that.

That’s what I love about content marketing: it attracts people from all sorts of backgrounds and disciplines. There is no right or wrong way to end up here. It’s all about the journey.

Q2 Why a good content team is important? Who should it consist of?

A good content team is a massive asset: you will be able to create better user stories, engage more customers; even attract talent with better copy and content! A great team can do both reactive and complex content and brings you massive ROI.

My team consists of copywriters, editors, designers, and strategists. I think you need to place a big emphasis on data and visual content, and broaden the scope of ‘content’.

A great content team doesn’t have to be big: find people who can multitask. Researchers are also incredibly important. You can also encourage everyone in the business to create more content.

Ultimately, a great content marketing team is collaborative and should have access to stakeholders. A great content manager and editor will help channel all that creative energy, so invest in them.

Q3 How to keep your content team always inspired and motivated?

Content marketers and writers tend to find inspiration in their work, so I see it as my duty to generate interesting projects and bring in fun clients. Meaningful work plays a big part.

Variety is the spice of content. I like to mix it up and ensure people are always working on different things. It’s important for personal development reasons to not silo people either.

Regular face time, chats, and feedback are essential to ensure team cohesion and happiness. Also, bonus schemes and career progression: standard, but important. Be on the same journey as your team!

Learn what ACTUALLY motivates THEM. Try to find out what inspires them. Creatives are individuals and have different ways of seeing the world. Celebrate that and find strength in diversity.

Very true with creatives – be encouraging and transparent. Make it into a collaborative, iterative process.

Q4 How to evaluate your team’s success?

We have quotas and editorial standards to help keep things transparent. This is really just basic KPIs to help us track our output. Success can lie in other things than output, though!

Meetings and personal development plans are important when it comes to tracking personal success. Presentations and workshops can help demonstrate meaningful progress. I love seeing writers develop & come into their own. It’s the most rewarding part of the job!!!

Client results! Make sure everyone gets to hear about the amazing results that their content is driving. Celebrate successes together.

Success is about persevering and pushing through when things are hard. Look at content projects that were challenging and learn from those. Celebrate success in terms of team milestones and growth

Happiness is so important!

Q5 What are your favorite digital marketing tools?

Loads of great content tools, but I find myself not using THAT MANY on a daily basis. GSuite & are great for content production. I love the integrations & that you can collaborate on edits!! Also stuff like never gets old for quick inspo

I think is a content marketing powerhouse, and I like to use for outreach (another big element of content marketing). They also integrate, making data sharing easy! All about the easy life with my tools 😉

is good for content research and is always a great way to find content ideas. I also think and are great places to help you tap into the content zeitgeist.

I love to learn about/test new tools out, but I find myself returning to basics. You can find out a lot from just analysing a SERP or picking the brain of a technical colleague. To organise myself and my team, I like

I do actually. Very useful and can be used as an interesting data source for infographics.

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