How Blogging Helps Brand Yourself & Sell Your Services: Twitter Chat with @DreBeltrami #VCBuzz

twchat-drebeltramiBlogging is a powerful branding medium. And with a well-known brand comes trust, more sales and better opportunities.

Today we are chatting about building a strong personal brand and translating that into more sales – all with blogging and doing that well.

Meet our today’s expert Andrea Beltrami @DreBeltrami

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About Andrea

Andrea is a full time visual strategist & designer who loves helping newbies, solopreneurs and small business entrepreneurs at her blog The Branded Solopreneur

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you start doing what you do now? Do you remember your first site? Are you still proud of it?

Finding my way to being a visual strategist was an evolution, which included interior, graphic & web design. I took pieces of each and blended into what I do today. My 1st site was for my mom’s event planning {8yrs ago} biz & while I’m still VERY proud of it boy have my skills come a LONG way.

Q2 What’s your favorite, quickest way to promote a blog post?

Using the WP plugin Social Warfare – it lets me control how my content is shared. It’s the best social sharing plugin out there!

And makes it easy peasy for me to promote my own content – {affiliate link} – best $24 EVA.

Whateva’s clever for you, that’s all that matters. We all draw our lines in the sand.

Q3 What would be your top advice to those who are looking to build their personal brand via blogging?

Spend the time to define your branding guidelines {fonts, colors, logo, etc} and your brand’s mood and voice and then use them consistently in everything you do.

Branding should always adhere to the basic standards set in your niche, pushing things is where you start and out.

Q4 How visual branding helps get recognized? How can someone identify their visual brand identity? What mistakes to avoid?

Visual branding allows you to foster familiarity & consistency with your viewers feeds… which breeds the know, like & trust factor with them.

Visuals increases the typical 8 seconds you have to dazzle a viewer in a way that’s organic and natural which often leads to them wanting to explore your brand deeper.

Avoid diluting your brand building power by haphazardly using undefined brand guidelines. A lack of consistency will make it much harder, bordering on impossible to stand out online.

Q5 You sound like you have a crazy lifestyle… How do you manage to get your work done? Do you have productivity tips for active people who are also looking their perfect shade of grey?

I’m a very good at managing my time. I outline exactly what I want to accomplish everyday so when I don’t waste time putzing. Prioritize! I don’t do more than I can handle, I just do what matters most.

When I’m working I’m in work mode, I don’t allow myself to fall down rabbit holes on social or get distracted.

When I’m off, I’m off and I completely unplug, which helps me recharge. Don’t worry about trying to do everything, instead plot out your paramount goals and work backwards from there.  Add the specific tasks that need to be done to accomplish those and transfer those to your daily to do list.

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