How Blogging Can Make Introverts More Remarkable w/ Patricia Weber @patweber #VCBuzz

How Blogging Can Make Introverts More Remarkable w/ Patricia Weber @patweberDo you consider yourself an introvert? Then blogging can be perfect for you!

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About Patricia

Inspiring introverts: author, speaker, blogger She’ll give you practical tools to bring your whole self to life and work.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 When did you start blogging? What inspired you?

Started blogging 2008. Started blogging about selling then narrowed niche to introverts who sell. When coaching introverts in sales, identified similar issues coming up. Widened blogging to almost everything for introverts.

My clients tell me, no one cuts to the chase like I do, and they inspire me.

When blogging, do my best to write about important and major points for introverts. That seems to resonate with many.

Inspired knowing any voice can b heard in world of 7 billion people – even those of us introverted. Blogging makes it easier.

Q2 Why is blogging perfect for introverts?

Introverts Blogging – HOORAY – planning, self-reflection, think things thru, meaningful relationships.

Introverts prefer writing, like blogging, over other forms of communication. Blogging allows introverts to more easily show up authentically. Otherwise, we might not be ourselves.

Blogging, solitary activity, well suited for introverts. We thrive being in the playground of our mind.

When introverts listen as blogging along; we can craft more focused content. Important to help reader who might be in overwhelm. Blogging helps introverts get message out without energy draining face-to-face speaking. HOORAY!

Blogging allows introvert to think before we write, like we think before we speak. Introverts who blog can better manage personal #energy drain and #communication strain.

Q3 How to start blogging? What are the first steps?

  • 1- Make decision to blog! Nothing happens if u stay in planning phase. Introverts think it through then act.
  • Decide why you are blogging and audience you want to reach.
  • Select a #blog name and blogging platform. I use WordPress – popular, lots of support.
  • Use something like Grammarly for better writing, and headline analyzer. #introverts like researching? Analyze!

#Blogging tool: fave headline analyzers: and

  • Find others to collaborate, comment, share, guest blog.
  • Grow audience faster with collaboration from beginning.
  • Plan things out. I usually plan about a month at time. just planning, not writing.
  • Get to know your audience. Listen in on other blogs. Analyze what they are responding to – or not. Research!

Q4 How to get your word out there? How to start building your audience?

  • Be active in collaborative #blogging communities – some faves of mine are LinkedIn, MyBlogU, Triberr.
  • Try today’s Live #Streaming platforms. Periscope, Facebook. #Introverts can plan, practice and do. Live streaming is more like the one-to-one conversations #introverts thrive in. Plan and practice a few times.
  • Closest friends, online and in-person always help – just ASK.
  • Use #hashtags you know your audience look for to build following.

I’m on Periscope and Facebook live. Every Friday with a series for introverts.

Building audience! Build your audience by giving them a gift – free – in exchange for their email.

Build audience?

  • Leave valuable comments on higher profile blogs. People with like interest will follow.
  • Follow others who reach your audience, different reasons. Start helping them! Be other focused and don’t sweat it.
  • Be where the people you want to meet are. Then communicate one-to-one.

Q5 What are your favorite blogging tools?

Love FotoExpress (was CanvaKala), a WordPress plug-in – free photos, annotate them, etc. FotoExpress means stay on blog post to find photo, edit, annotate! All #energy wins 4 #introvert blogger.

Sumo for traffic statistics and it has a free level. analyzes popularity of hashtags being used. Can help with blog post ideas! Know trends.

HootSuite – great to schedule posts ahead of time, and make interaction manageable. Always thank those who share your content.

LinkedIn article platform – I use it as a #blogging tool. Post part of my article, or previous post, and redirect at end to blog. And you KNOW one of fave blogging tools! MyBlogU! Great for blog creation ideas, collaboration. And introvert friendly.

Grammarly Premium amazingly (my experience right?) 99% accurate. Not sure, does free give you suggestions for overused words?

The overused word feature great. Plus, like when the “plagiarism” finds my own blog posts – elsewhere! hahaha

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