Heart-Centered Entrepreneurship: with Margie Analise @margieanalise #VCBuzz

Become-a-Heart-Centered-Entrepreneurship-with-Margie-AnaliseWe have already discussed heart-centered entrepreneurship and how to live by what you love to do. Today we welcome an expert who is doing right that!

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About Margie

Margie Analise is Canadian based entrepreneur

Margie is the author of heart-centered entrepreneurship course called Take The Leap Academy

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become an online entrepreneur? What’s your career story?

I think like most online entrepreneurs, being an entrepreneur was something I never had dreamed or imagined I’d do.

I jumped from job to job looking for fulfillment. Once I learned how to do the job well, I’d be bored and off I’d go.

I wonder if that sounds familiar to anyone else here? ? I think alot of creative people are that way ?

After climbing the corporate ladder, I was disillusioned – I realized it more about the $ & less about the people.

But the real catalyst was when my sister was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It was life changing for me. Like a lot of people, I realized I wanted to do something meaningful work, & make a real difference for people.

How many here have had a similar journey?

I think when you have a passion in your heart, you long to do something more meaningful for your life’s work ?

Q2 What is heart-centered entrepreneurship? How did you come up with the term?

I can’t take credit for the term “heart-centered. I don’t know who originally coined it, it really resonated with me.

I think “heart-centered” resonates with a lot of #entrepreneurs who are super passionate about what they do. I feel like it describes being “heart driven” vs. “money driven”. Anyone agree?

Exactly Hassan!

It’s important to do what’s important to YOU. For some, we’re born heart-centered #entrepreneurs, takes awhile to know it.

It’s a strange word to apply to yourself in the beginning ? You’ll get comfortable with it ?

Q3 Please describe your course? What’s your favorite tip you give to new entrepreneurs?

Thanks for asking about the new course ? I’m so excited! It’s called Take the Leap Academy ?

I wish I’d had this course starting out – I started out at step 20 instead of step 1 and wasted precious time & energy.

Yes, I think for solopreneurs the struggles can be more difficult because they are more isolated.

I was frustrated w/ programs that only taught 1 piece of the puzzle – there is NO one magic answer – it’s a big picture. So I created my own program from all the things I learned, did right and did wrong along the way ?

Take the Leap empowers #entrepreneurs with confidence, community & the biz knowledge to get their biz growing!

My BEST tip: Don’t try to be like anyone else online. Figure out how you’re different & leverage it – your superpower!

Another tip: Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs. Support and community are critical for your success! It’s often a surprise that the people we think will support us the most often don’t. Find your tribe & be encouraged!

Q4 So how exactly to “take the leap”? Where to get confidence and inspiration?

To “take the leap” means to decide to stop holding back & go for what you really want your biz and life to look like.

Confidence comes from taking action – it brings clarity too; the more clear you are, the more action you take.

Getting help with a coach or program helps build confidence, b/c you learn what you need to know. That’s empowering.

When I started out, I was all over the place. Because you don’t know what you don’t know. Anyone else been there?

Exactly! Our “mistakes” are what I call “entrepreneur university”. It’s where the real learning takes place

I think “seeing” the big picture of how it all works first, makes taking all the right steps easier.

Q5 What are your favorite tools that make the life of an online entrepreneur easier?

My most fave tool that I use every day is…. Canva! It makes creating graphics so easy!

Another fave tool is “Call Recorder for Skype”. Its affordable & easy way to record video & audio from Skype.

If you’re doing teleseminars & webinars, I love Instant Teleseminar! Very Reliable, affordable & easy to use.

Don’t forget that books are tools too. Be a voracious reader! It creates new ideas and insights.

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