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twchat-leduxxGrowing your blog is hard but it’s doable! In our effort to inspire you to move forward, we are discussing keeping up with your blogging commitments today.

Please meet our today’s expert @leduxx

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About Liudas

.@leduxx is an Internet Marketing blogger from Lithuania, Skuodas running Easy Marketing 6.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a blogger? What’s your personal blogging story?

It all started by searching ways to make money online. The first things, I found, were all the scams out there, but after some time, I discovered affiliate marketing and all that good stuff, but to make affiliate sales you need traffic, so, I started blogging.

The first blogging success came after a year when everyone was building backlinks with guest blogging. I remember posting as much as 4 blog posts a day and my traffic was growing and growing. But soon enough I got penalized and had to start a new blog, my current one.

Currently I don’t post nowhere near as much, more like once a week, but I’m planning to go back to posting daily or more.

Not that long ago I went full time to do internet marketing and now decided to focus just on my blog. So, I will start posting more to increase my traffic, my leads and ultimately my income.

Q2 What’s the most important metric of a blog success? Traffic? Engagement? Money? How do you improve it?

If you view your blog as a business, then money. If you are blogging as a hobby, then the most important metric is how many people you reach. To improve both of them all you need to do is blog ?

The best way is to use Google Analytics or some other tracking tool.

Q3 What’s your top advice you give to a newbie blogger?

I will assume that you want to make money blogging. So, you need to have a clear plan how you are going to do that.

Is it by selling advertising on your blog? Is it by selling your own products? Maybe by selling services or something else. When you have your plan in mind, then you start blogging very strategically to attract the right people to you.

There’s no right or wrong monetization method ?

Q4 One of your most recent articles is on TSU. Do you like the platform? Do you generally join new social media platforms or is TSU an exception?

I’m not a big fan of Tsu, I’m very lonely there. I joined because it seems like it’s going to be a big thing so, I would eventually join anyways and being one of the first to join anything gives a lot of benefits.

I had also joined Pinterest in it’s early days and look at it now lol.

Q5 What’s your favorite blogging productivity tip? How to become a successful blogger while still having an offline life?

Productivity is a real tough one for me. Have read different advice, but in the end what works for me is making a decision that from now on I will write a blog post a day and then I focus on that solely, but if I give myself several goals a day. Then it gets messy and I end up doing nothing. So, in summary what I want to say is, keep your daily tasks as simple as possible and keep them to a minimum. Even a small task done is better than nothing done.


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