Growing a YouTube Channel in 2021 with @ItamarBlauer #vcbuzz

Youtube is one the most effective, yet most challenging digital marketing channel.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build up your subscriber base there and it is very hard to keep your subscribers engaged.

How to grow your Youtube channel? Let’s discuss!

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About @ItamarBlauer

Itamar Blauer is an SEO consultant based in London.

He has a proven track-record of increasing website rankings with SEO that is UX focused, data-backed and creative.

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Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a digital marketer? Please share your career story!

I was always interested in technology and using computers to market different ideas/projects I’ve had, so it just made sense to go into digital marketing at that point!

Q2 Where to start? What if I am just planning to start a channel on Youtube? Which newbie mistakes should I avoid?

Avoid these common YouTube mistakes:

  • Uploading about various niches
  • Starting due to monetary incentives
  • Not conducting thorough research on your audience
  • Using bad equipment
  • Not considering your overall objectives
  • Sub4Sub/buying engagement

If I’m creating content in multiple languages I’d have a channel dedicated to each language. Otherwise, subscribers who don’t speak the other language most likely won’t watch your video, and that will give off negative signals to YouTube.

Great point, YouTube have been known to terminate channels around particular controversial topics.

Hahaha brings back memories of seeing videos uploaded called “video121.mp4”

Google is evidently a monopoly in many respects across the web – for email, video, and web content.

Q3 How to get new subscribers with every video you publish?

If you want to earn subs with a new video, you need to be more aggressive with your marketing activities. Are you sharing your content on social media using the right hashtags? Are you utilising your network? Don’t sit there and expect subs to come – be ACTIVE.

Q4 How to keep your subscribers engaged to keep them active?

Keep your subscribers engaged by…

  • Using audible CTAs
  • Offering giveaway incentives
  • Sounding and looking engaged when on camera
  • Having a regular upload schedule
  • Replying to EVERY comment
  • Listening and acting on feedback
  • Uploading live videos

Q&As are great fun! I’m yet to do one on my current channel

Q5 What are your favorite Youtube marketing tools?

My favourite YouTube marketing tools:

  • Google Trends – finding trending topics specifically within YouTube search
  • YouTube auto-suggest – used for keyword research and gives ideas for titles/tags
  • Online forums such as Reddit and Quora
  • YouTube Analytics

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