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viral-content-marketing-ebook-freeAt ViralContentBuzz we believe in the power of the quality content, connections and mutual benefits.

In an effort to show what really works and how, we have collected most effective content marketing and brand-building tips tips and compiled them in a handy eBook you can get for free!

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Inside You’ll Find the Following Chapters:

  • Going Viral: Basics
    • Explaining Viral Content
    • *Most Important Component: How to Get Lucky (Manufacture Serendipity)
  • Step 1: Inspiration, Brainstorming, Research
    • Actionable Guide to Finding Viral Content Inspiration
    • A Few Examples of Viral Titles
  • Step 2: Formatting a Viral Article
    • Note: What images you CAN use and how
  • Step 3: Learning to Write LOTS of *Awesome* Content
    • 1. One Research => Several Articles with Originals Angles / Perspectives
    • 2. Old Content + New Format => New Content
  • Step 4: Share Your Awesome Content on
    • Viral Content Buzz Basics
    • How to Use Viral Content Buzz (Case Study)
    • Viral Marketing Generating Machine?
    • Content Marketing Cycle at Viral Content Buzz
    • And more!

ViralContentBuzz is an integral part of any content and social media marketing strategy. Follow the content marketing cycle:

content marketing cycle

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