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Today’s world has given all of us a unique opportunity to get known. But how do you go about monetizing that online presence you are building?

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About Winnie

Winnie Sun known as “The Wealth Whisperer,” is one of the most followed financial advisors on social media, a Forbes and CNBC contributor, and is the Managing Director of Sun Group Wealth Partners.

Questions we are discussing now

Q1 How did you become a social media expert? Please share your amazing career story!

For me, social media was just another way to keep in touch with my business contacts, clients, and friends. Then I started the #WinnieSun chat and that’s when things got really interesting. I found new friends and started a new community.

Living in So California, social media was a real tool for continuing to stay in touch with the people I met without battling traffic. It let us have meaningful conversations after-hours. It broadens reach, and all that good stuff 🙂

Awesome Cheval! And now you’re rocking social media and live streaming!

I was quite a late adopter to social media. My husband encouraged me for years to do it, but I didn’t embrace it until I couldn’t get any handles remotely close to my name. But now, social media is a huge part of my business/day.

Q2 How do you stand out in today’s media space?

You make a decision to be present, and consistently present. First things first are to figure out exactly who you are and who you’d like to connect with. Then, use social media as a foundation to make new connections and give to them without any expectations.

If your goal is to provide value, to listen, to just be there for a friend online or in person, you will find social media to be incredibly beneficial to your business and your personal brand will develop without much effort. Then: monetization.

Q3 What are the best tips for monetizing your (personal) brand?

Figure out what value you can offer and be an expert at that. Build and foster a community of likeminded individuals. Give, listen, and provide value. Follow others, give before asking. Then, nurture your community. ☀️

When you build your brand, focus on who you are and what you do. Make sure there’s great value there. Then think about the best monetization streams for you. For example, signing clients? Webinar? TV program? Book? What works in the area you are in?

Don’t be an island. Surround yourself with great people who have done the things you want to do. Compensate them, treat them right, and the needle will move more quickly. It does take money to create a business, there’s no way around it.

Friend @YO_RANDYJACKSON once shared with me that you need understand what people value about you. It’s important to have that clear self-realization and to understand how much the value you provide is worth.

Thank you Cheval so much for tuning in. This is a new area for me – from broadcast to live streaming and I learn so much from you and the process.

Q4 How to manage your finances as a solo entrepreneur? Could you share some resources?

You keep things as simple as possible. What can you automate? How can you streamline expense records? Are you ready to develop a team? (I’m a big believer in teams) What are your weaknesses and who can fill that void? Answer these questions and you’ll be ahead.

I really like the Intuit, turbotax and QuickBooks tools. Super easy to use and reliable. And @KurashimaCPA has been so helpful for so many years

Q5 What are your favorite social media marketing and brand building tools!

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