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vcbuzz-Janette-Speyer-websuccessFacebook marketing is the hottest topic these days: Facebook advertising has been proved affordable and effective and can become a great alternative source of leads.

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About Janette

Janette is the co-founder of the digital social marketing and PR agencies Hot Ice Media and Web Success Team.

She is responsible for strategy, creation and implementation of social media marketing and advertising campaigns to build brand awareness, increase consumer engagement and drive sales.

Questions we discussed

Q1 How did you become a social media guru? What’s your career path?

Not sure I am a social media guru yet. Every day is a new day in this SoMe world. Like everyone else we are all learning. I started in advertising many years ago then morphed into a web developer/SEO then in 2007 integrated into Social Media

Yes isn’t that the truth. Every time I look at the Facebook Ad Manager I discover something new.

We can all do this together, that the fun part of this. Social Media peeps help each other out.

Too many to even mention. I have to re-educate my clients every month.

Q2 What’s your most efficient social media advertising tip? What works best and doesn’t break the budget?

Research your audience carefully. Make sure you are talking to the right people. Facebook, for instance has a gr8 targeting tool.

Local is the BEST!! You can even target zip codes. I also always advise my clients to start w/ a small budget to get a feel for their audience and their needs.

Not that I know of, I just look at engagement numbers. But you can see on the posts who the engagers are.

I start testing at $25 a post. I look at the ROI. We also start small clients at $500/month and then encourage then to go higher once we examine the results.

I have a client that gets so much engagement that she doesn’t need to spend more. Others might need to increase. I look at Facebook insights and double check with Google Analytics. Simple formulas.

Before you advertise check to see if your landing page is in working order.

Q3 How to tie in brand ambassadors with social advertising?

Brand ambassadors are crucial for creating viral traffic, we tie in all our promotions with them.

Brand ambassadors are encouraged to share our social media pages along with retail links. We work with many brand ambassadors, give them branded content and encourage them to share retail partner’s links

Lots on this subject: BAshave large followings and they can really put your name on the map. They help along w/promoted posts.

Absolutely B2C conversion are faster than B2B. Different strategies for each one.

Q4 What’s the social etiquette for brands?

#PetPeeve: brands that over post. Considering that the feeds are already crowded, a brand should respect a follower’s space.

Be considerate of your audience. They come first! #SocialEtiquette

Good question. We actually only recommend one because we are also sending out paid pots.

Brands have to remember to thank followers. They don’t owe you anything! A little appreciation goes a long way. We create programs just for that. We also tie in promotions and discounts.

Tip: Offer recognition and appreciation rewards. Talk but don’t shout; suggest, but don’t oversell to your audience.

Wow, really? That is so true!

Q5 When building your social media presence how to remain efficient and productive without being overwhelmed?

Woa!!! That’s a hard one. One word: ORGANIZATION. That is key.

We usually respond to everything good and bad. “Deal with it” it only makes the brand stronger.

Old-fashioned weekly meetings still work. We use all the Google suite of management tools. Doc, Drive, Gmail, Hangouts. We create calendars with important events. Content calendars are our bible.

Love @Hootsuite,@tweetdeck is awesome. For scheduling -Old school Excel and iCal.

Just started using it and I love the ideas that come from @MyblogU

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