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twchat-camilletaylorSocial media has changed all aspects of our life and business and one of the most effective areas is customer service. Your clients may not be talking directly to you but they may need your answer…

Thanks to social media, community management, reputation management and customer care have become inseparable.

Today we’ll talk about this community-empowered customer service trend with @_CamilleTaylor, customer success manager and evangelist.

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About Camille

Camille Taylor is Customer Success Manager at @AdEspresso

Camille’s degree is in visual communication and design, though professionally she has shifted focus to internet marketing and customer success.

Please connect to Camille on Linkedin

Questions we discussed

Q1 Why did you prefer Internet marketing to a career in design? How did you get into marketing?

I found design to be a little heartbreaking because often times I lacked creative freedom.

Marketing provides me the creative outlet I needed and it is fascinating to be able to watch something scale. I got into marketing by learning and talking with one of my mentors, @NikkiElizDemere and taking up online courses. I actually went from visual arts to design to marketing, the journey has definitely been an interesting one! ?

Art gave me an eye for design, and marketing my art/ design gave me a chance to validate what I was learning

Q2 Please define “customer success”. That’s a new term to us! Please share your favorite books and resources on the topic!

To me, customer success is ensuring that your customers are healthy + able to clearly see the value of your product. It’s goals are to have customers remain customers and become evangelists of your product.

I have been following @lincolnmurphy for the better part of two years and highly recommend his courses on Udemy!

The @frontleaf blog + podcast are other great resources to anyone looking to break into the field of customer success as well!

I live on google! No excuses, anyone can learn anything with enough drive using google and quora and etc! When you work for Saas, customer success is obvious because when your customers are successful, so are you!

Q3 Please share your favorite customer success tactics. Have you seen companies implement customer success strategy well?

One of My favorite customer success tactics is a course to help your customers climb over any learning curve to your software.

@Hubspot does a great job doing this with its inbound and so does @gainsight with it’s customer success certification!

Yes! Webinars are a great way to connect and teach directly to your customers.

It is also very important to create buyer personas and really segment your customers based on their individual needs

Your customers will all have different pain points and it’s very important to address each different one so they are valued.

Q4 Community management is very hard to scale and organize: How do you keep yourself productive?

I use Google for everything, to keep me organized. If I have an idea to do something, there is a corresponding google doc!  Some other great tools to look at are @Buffer, @Hubspot, and @frontapp along with google docs, and google keep.

I have a no mobile policy , I keep everything organized on a chromebook and check it often. Not sure if an app exists. Evernote is awesome, too!

I am in love with the company culture, the blog and the team over @buffer so I only use them. @frontapp deserves special shoutouts! I love sharing my inbox and keeping an eye on everyone’s collective communication.

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