Creative Video Marketing Ideas w/ Ksenia Shneyveys of @Wave_Video and @Animatron #VCBuzz

Creative Video Marketing Ideas w/ Ksenia Shneyveys of @Wave_Video and @Animatron #VCBuzzThere’s no such a thing as too many tools, especially when it comes to video creation and marketing. Therefore we continue bringing you new and new tools, tactics and platforms to expand your opportunities and ideas.

Today we are talking to the team behind two great platforms I am using myself on a regular basis: @Wave_Video and @Animatron. Please meet Ksenia Shneyveys, Marketing Manager of @Wave_Video and @Animatron.

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About @Animatron

@Animatron is an online easy-to-use HTML5 animation and video maker.

@Wave_video is a short marketing video maker helping you create fun engaging videos for your social media campaigns and landing pages.

Questions we discussed

Q1 Let’s talk about your company. There are two major video creation products: Why are you marketing them separately?

Animatron is the company behind 2 products: Animatron Studio, an online animation maker and, easy-to-use video making tool for digital marketers.

boasts 200+ million stock videos, images and audios, instant resize to 30+ video formats, a designer collection of all-purpose templates and unlimited room for creativity.

We’ll be extending feature set to suit even more needs of social media managers, digital marketers, bloggers, marketing agencies and creators needs.

Q2 What are some cool examples of videos people created using both of the tools?

Thank you for the question! Here’s a cute recent animation clip created from scratch in under 1.5 hours using Animatron Studio.

Here are some great examples of videos created using by . These are the videos about the latest innovations from all over the world, as well as uplifting stories of entrepreneurship.

Here’s a whole success story by one our clients and examples of their creative videos.

Q3 Why would a business or a blogger want to venture into video marketing?

Studies show that video is the most interactive means of communication with audiences. Videos are so engaging that they dominate algorithms of social media networks and make their way to the top of social streams.

With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine out there, instead of posting a static picture and a link to your new blog post, create a video introduction of your article. ?Here’s one we’ve just (!) uploaded.

We’ve just launched an Insider’s Guide to Social Media Video Marketing. Top social media experts including and more contribute their articles to our blog and book.

Q4 What are some fun and easy video marketing ideas businesses and bloggers can implement on a tight budget?

Here is an article with cost-efficient video creation tips, e.g. turning your presentations into videos.

This post covers 67 YouTube Video Ideas on various topics from “Customer testimonials” to “Hello, World!”, and you can create them all in

Another brilliant and inspirational article within our Insider’s Guide to Social Media Video Marketing by Chris Savage of .

Q5 What video promotion tools would you recommend video creators use?

It depends on the platforms you create videos for and the purpose of the videos. In this post we share several ways to promote your videos.

Pinterest is a great and oftentimes underestimated platform for video promotion. Our social media experts have put together a great Pinterest Video Guide.

A very comprehensive list of video SEO tips and tools by is here.

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